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  • 1422 Castle Ave Philadelphia, PA - Newbold neighborhood

    Abandon Van used for storage

    There is an abandon van that has been parked here well before Halloween. All the tires are flat now and the gas cap is missing reeking the smell of fuel. Sometimes when walking to the subway in the morning there is a man sleeping in the back. The van should be towed away and fined. With a playground full of kids across the street, this is not safe.

    Although there is a NO TRUCK parking sign on the street, these super long club wagons are not considered trucks even though it take up more space. They are normally used to take workers to farms or factories and are dumped around this area when they break down. Homeless seek selter and then break in. This van should be removed ASAP.

    PA TAG: HGM-2836

  • 809 Federal St Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square
    A wall on the NW corner house on 8th and Federal is falling over. It is on the Federal Street side of the house. Presently, a neighbor has a 4 x 4 pinned to a construction horse holding the wall up. This is the same house where windows have fallen out and the roof has bowed down and is caving in. Oh, and it also has a huge gaping hole in the sidewalk where the bilco doors used to be...which is now covered by some plywood. And the awning is hanging on by a thread. But I don't think there is any ruish to do anything just yet...I mean no one has been killed there yet so don't worry about it. Wait until the wall collapses on a small child and the City makes national news as the pull a dead kid out from underneath the rubble.
  • Two Abandon cars Acknowledged
    814 Wharton St Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Passyunk Square

    There are two abandon cars on the 800 block of Wharton st. Both are Station wagons. The first has been disabled for two years, yet has magically received inspection stickers. It is a Green Chevy Dart parked on the North side of the street (815 Wharton).

    The second is a blue station wagon with wood paneling. It has been parked for there for 7 months. It broke down and the owner promised to have it towed, but never returned. The vehicles are large and take up two parking spots as well as attract garbage and rodents.

  • 18th And Oregon Philadelphia, PA - Girard Estates
    Please vote to have Big Bellie trash cans installed on 18th and Oregon to reduce the amount of trash in this area and make our neighborhood more beautiful and sustainable.
  • illegal Dumpster Acknowledged
    1612 Mckean Street Philadelphia, PA - Newbold neighborhood

    There is an illegal dumpster outside of Molly's Daycare. The property address is 1612 McKean Street, but the mess is on the side of the building on Bancroft Street.

    The is a business but they make the city pick up their trash instead of hiring private trash removal.

    This garbage sits there all week in this heat and reeks to high heaven.

    Please help!

  • 1450 Morris St Philadelphia, PA - Newbold neighborhood

    The lights in the middle of the basketball court are always on. They are in the middle of the court located on the north side of the playground bordering Morris st. These lights also are not directed just onto the playground but also shine directly on the houses on the 1400 block of Castle Ave and the 1400 block of Morris St. Could the lights please be turned off outside of park hours and tilted downward more so that they only shine onto the playground?

    Best would be if the courts were removed and replaced with grass or play ground equipment.

  • Corner Of 7th And Reed Streets Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square
    Reported from my mobile device
  • 1515 Tasker St Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - Newbold neighborhood
    Dumping by tenants at 1515 Tasker Street continues.
  • 1000 Winton Philadelphia, PA - South Philadelphia
    10th Street from Snyder to Jackson on the east side is full of trash, food waste, dog feces, and abandoned buildings. The building on the southeast corner is a particular problem and has even been dubbed "The Pigeon House." It has finally been boarded up but has been derelict for years.
  • 1508 Tasker St Philadelphia, PA 19145, USA - Newbold neighborhood
    Large dumpster, Lots of demo, no permits at 1313 s. 17th Street.
  • 8th And Manton Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square

    On the southeast corner of 8th and Manton, a condemned house was recently demolished. Woohoo!

    But now, the dirt lot is being used for parking. Boo! This is not only creating a mess -- mud and dirt all over the street and sidewalk -- but also creating a hazard to pedestrians and an eyesore to neighbors.

    I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure there is a permitting process that has to happen to turn a zoned residential property into a parking lot.

    Further, I think there are some regulations about keeping empty lots fenced off.

    So, this is a ZBA issue, an L&I issue, and a PPA issue.

    I know I know, parking in South Philly, enforcement, blah blah blah. At least it's on record now.

  • 827 Wharton Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square
    The second floor window has broken on this house and shards of glass are everywhere in front of the house on the sidewalk and steps.