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  • Pothole Archived
    2403 Cleveland Avenue Northwest Canton, Ohio - Canton
    pothole in curb lane heading north, by church and further north at intersection as you turn onto 25th st nw
  • STREET SIGN Archived
    18th St. Nw & Ames Ct. Nw Canton, OH - Canton
  • Pothole Archived
    1404 15th St Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Need potholes filled on 15th St NW on th east side of Fulton
  • High Grass Archived
    Property Across From 1113 Richard Pl Nw Canton, OH - Canton
    Vacant lot across the street of 1113 Richard Pl NW has high grass. This property parcel number is 219364.
  • 1506 19th St Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    The property immediately behind my house is city property that would have been an alley except it is on the side of a hill. Therefore it is and has been a wooded area for years. Yesterday's storm has left several trees, fallen sheared or splintered mostly behind my house but also in the next door neighbor's yard and west down the alley. I already see where it has damaged my backyard fence and gate and there are some trees that are only being held up by another tree. It is a dangerous situation and has severely encroached on my property. I am attaching a picture of just ONE of the downed trees. Being in the backyards of the properties I dont think the true extent of yesterdays storm is being revealed. It appears some kind of wind shear event went straight across a line between 17th and 19th St NW as I also noted a tree and power pole knocked down on 17th NW just west of Fulton. Please respond quickly so I no what kind of action I can expect, as one way or another this will require speedy resolution because of the dangerous situation. Thanks.
  • 1524 18th St Nw Canton, OH, 44703, USA - Canton
    After the recent much needed resurfacing, there has yet to be replacement of the lines for the street. This street is a popular throughway from Fulton to Cleveland and has had many incidents of vehicles hitting other vehicles and property over the years. There has also been an increase of vehicles parking on the wrong side of this one side parking only street. Every bit of safety helps as there are a lot of children on this part of 18th NW. Thank you for your consideration.
  • 1500 Cottage Place Northwest Canton, OH - Canton
    Caller states house in 1500 blk of Cottage Pl NW was cleaned out, items stacked at curb and been sitting for 2 weeks.
  • 1303 24th St. Nw Canton, OH - Canton
    The street light at the "T" of 24th NW and Center Ct. (at the foot of 1303 24th NW driveway) is not coming on at night.
  • Other Archived
    Roberts Ave Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Roberts between Ferndale rd nw and Hillcrest Ave needs plowed and salted. Ice on road Been plowed once stince last snow storm.
  • pot hole Archived
    2523 Myrtle Ave Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    there is a large pot hole near the intersection of 25th NW and Market Ave NW. Please fix. Thank you!
  • Harrison Avenue Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    The traffic light at the intersection of Harrison Avenue NW and Fulton Road was not working Wednesday morning. For the line of traffic coming from Harrison Avenue NW, the light stayed red while it cycled through the other streets. I had to go around. It's done this multiple times before.
  • Abandon Pole Archived
    2303 Fulton Rd Nw & Monument Rd Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    On the curve behind Woodys Root Beer on Monument Rd NW there a old abandon pole that was left from the days when Traffic & Sign had flashing warning lights. Pole no longer being used, please remove.