families of Lynn-Highland Park neighborhood

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The 34th Street crew.

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  • Macarthur Fwy 580 West Park Blvd Exit Oakland, CA - Lynn-Highland Park

    I reported this situation months ago on this site, but never even received an acknowledgement.
    When you exit 580 West at PArk blvd, you must drive down two blocks of frontage road until you actually reach Park. There are holes—MANY holes, big enough to bend an axle. I blew a tire in one of them months back. It looks as if the road has been bombed repeatedly. I have live near here for almost two years. It has never been touched. They are becoming craters, to the point where I must travel on other streets to get home.

    Many streets in much better condition get attended to. This is truly something that needs attention. PLEASE!!

  • Macarthur Blvd And Park Oakland, CA - Lynn-Highland Park
    Chatham Rd between 14th Ave and Park Blvd. is full of large potholes and cracks. This section of the road is horrible and needs an entire repave. The 'patchwork' that has been done almost makes the road worse.
  • Park Blvd And E 28th Oakland, CA - Lynn-Highland Park
    Elderly pedestrian almost stuck by speeding truck in a crosswalk this AM. She had to run out of the way and the truck didn't even slow, only swerved around. This school and residential zone is hazardous for pedestrians and cyclists, and for drivers who live in the neighborhood. Please have crosswalks better marked and signaled. Install slowing measures and cite erratic drivers. We should not have to wait for a death for this to happen. City Hall, take care of your constituents!
  • Potholes Archived
    3107 Park Boulevard Oakland, California - Lynn-Highland Park
    There are several very deep potholes on Park Blvd between 7th Ave and MacArthur Blvd. These potholes are huge and very difficult to avoid.
  • 3369-3499 Beaumont Avenue Oakland, California - Lynn-Highland Park
    There is a growing homeless encampment underneath the bridge between McArthur Blvd. and Beaumont. In the least two days, two additional homeless tents have been setup and is starting to become a complete homeless encampment. This really needs to be addressed. This is a public sanitary issue and is very close to other people's private homes.
  • Massive pothole Acknowledged
    Macarthur And Park Oakland, CA - Lynn-Highland Park
    Major pothole in westbound lane of Park. 12" deep at the very least. Cars are losing wheels.
  • 3101 Park Boulevard Oakland, California - Lynn-Highland Park

    There is a pothole in Park Blvd, at the intersection with E 28th St, in the downhill direction in the right half of the right lane. This is a danger for bicyclists who may be big uneven pothole. With high speed Park Blvd traffic, it isn't always possible to make a last minute move to the left half of the lane.

    It happened to me. I now generally ride in the left third of Park Blvd when traveling downhill, which allows for more maneuverability.

    This pothole is about 3 feet by 3 feet, and is a collapsed fill of repair work, perhaps sewer lateral.

  • 1167 Macarthur Blvd Oakland, California - Lynn-Highland Park
    Temporary patch at valve cover repair has failed, leaving a 4x4 hole in the pavement and gravel strewn across the bike lane. City needs to inspect PGE work here. I narrowly avoided wrecking my bike here tonight.
  • Beaumont Under Highway 580 Oakland, California - Lynn-Highland Park
    Homeless people living under freeway. Have been there many months with questionable sanitary practices.
  • 3310 Park Blvd Oakland, CA 94610, USA - Lynn-Highland Park
    This apartment and water meter infront of the AmPm has been leaking water for months. It is a leak in the water meter or worse it is the sewer. Though it doesn't smell. This leak is wasting a lot of water. It is visible at three points on the sidewalk. Please get edmud to check it out. We can't waste water like this.
  • Macarthur And Park Oakland, California - Lynn-Highland Park
    if anyone drive over this pothole, they will probably break an axle
  • Intersection Of Macarthur And Park Blvd Oakland - Lynn-Highland Park
    Work was done recently - looks like sewer work. No photo because in middle of busy intersection. Very rough large and deep square pothole left after work at site. Some sort of pipe sticking up in center. Please fix asap! And maybe patch Chatham Blvd while you're near??