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  • 30 Market St Lowell, MA - Lowell
    Gang graffiti has appeared on the side of 30 Market Street building along the LNHP canal walkway.
  • 175 Chapel St Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell
    I called the Lowell Police about NA illegal parked vehicle at the corner of Chapel and Central on Sunday May 18 at approximately 11am. The vehicle was within the crosswalk and on the sidewalk, forcing pedestrians to have to walk out onto central Street. The traffic unit showed up, but the officer did not get out of his vehicle, nor when he left was there a parking ticket on the vehicle. Was there a ticket issued by LPD on this? If not, why?
  • 276-290 Market Street Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell
    I've heard of and seen several people almost hit bit cars crossing Dutton St. to follow Market St. When pedestrians get a walk signal (only 11 seconds and no audio) cars coming from either side of Market can turn in to the crosswalk. The intersection is so dark that drivers don't see people. If it's only a 11 second walk signal, stopping the traffic going through the crosswalk seems safer. With new galleries, stores and studios going in to 307 Market there is more pedestrian traffic, but people don't feel safe crossing Dutton because of this intersection.
  • Burnside St Lowell, MA - Lowell
    i posrd this before but looks like someone decided to remove this posting before it was corrected. why does the city of lowell allow cars to park on the wrong side of (parking on the south side going north) the street?. this is a hazard and is against the law. this is happrning all over lowell so why is it happening? for a fee i would be happy ticket these offenders. $2,oo a car the city and i could make money
  • Traffic Concern Acknowledged
    Rourke Bridge Lowell, MA 01854, USA - Lowell
    I know this is a MassHighway intersection but this 1 intersection has an astronomical trickle down affect that stretches miles through Lowell. The outbound signal releasing traffic from the Rourke bridge is only 26 seconds long during rush hour traffic! This should be at least a minute. And se will say that thus change will only create more traffic on the boulevard, look at the photos included, there is no "traffic" in either direction. But the traffic over the bridge stretched all the way back up Wood St. into Chelmsford, back up Middlesex St. to the intersection of Pawatucket St. and back up Wrstford St. at least to the intersection of Stedman St. There simply needs to be a timing adjustment. The left hand turn signal heading westbound (u turn lane) also is triggered when no vehicles are there, further slowing down traffic. This traffic not only affects commuters, but deters consumers from heading to local businesses during these hours, and certainly affects the local home owners. For an issue that has been so long term, it surprising that nothing has been done sooner! If you could keep us updated with and plans MassHighway may have to help this issue(besides the new bridge that won't happen any time soon) it would be greatly appreciated.
  • 110-294 Arcand Drive In Front Of The Masonic Temple and also in front of Lowell High, Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell

    I did not know what category to post this under.

    There are two American flags on light-posts, seemingingly hanging only from a piece of material, and each carrying the weight of a metal rod, which in the wind slams repeatedly and loudly against the light-posts. They have been loose like this for at least a few weeks, likely caused by the wind.

    If one came loose in high winds like we have today and fell, anybody they landed on would be seriously hurt.

    In the photo, the one on the left is in front of the Masonic Temple, and the one on the right is closer to Fr. Morrisette Ave in next to the Lowell High. For the one on the left, that is the wind that is carrying the weight of that heavy metal pole. Please someone fix these before they do damage.

    I'm really surprised, given their proximity to both the police station and City Hall, that nothing has been done to fix this.

  • 70 Methuen St Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell
    Cars routinely park on the sidewalk on Metheun St between 7th and Merrill. I cannot get by on the sidewalk with my stroller; sometimes I cannot even fit single file, with no stroller.
  • Every Where In Lowell Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell
    I have been complaing for over a year and nothing has been done. cars are being parked going the wrong directions which is against the law. it is also a safety issue at night time having the headlights blinding you when you drive on the street. with new management maybe it will be corrected
  • 103-399 Arcand Dr Lowell, MA - Lowell
    Lot of confusion over what lanes are for taking a left turn, just the left lane or both the left and center lanes. Need better signage and road markings. Accidents almost happen with each change of the light.
  • 1-19 Merrimack Street Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell
    The slush has been melting and re-freezing for over a week. It's blocking the way to the crosswalk near the scaffolding. The crosswalk is nearby 2 Merrimack Street, the last building on the block.
  • 495-519 Westford Street Lowell, MA - Lowell
    Cars parked on the sidewalks along Westford Street between Stevens Street and Tyler Park force pedestrians to walk in traffic on a very fast an busy street.
  • First Street Lowell, MA - Lowell
    A small pick up truck in front of 82-86 First street a truck with a front flat tire with the back full and overflowing with junk. People are trying to sell houses and live here and see nothing but that awful mess