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Watching issues created after: 2014-07-10

Commissioner Henderson is watching this area to help assist in the many changes needed and required in order to provide residents with a safe, health, living environment for all people within 8D corridors.

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  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    617 Malcolm X Ave Se Washington, DC 20032, USA - Anacostia
    The junk man keeps collecting junk and piles it on the curb and fence. Not the best welcome to the neighborhood
  • 700 Brandywine Street Se Washington, DC - Anacostia
    This building has been abandon for over 5 years. The roof has collapsed. Feral cats gather and live in the building. Neighborhood kids play near the building; a bad accident just waiting to happen.
  • 1750 Martin Luther King Jr Ave Se Washington DC 20020, USA - Anacostia
    No Turn on Red sign needed at the traffic light at the top of the 1C exit ramp off of 295 North for the 11th St. bridge and MLK Jr. Ave.
  • 3845 Pennsylvania Ave Se Washington, DC 20020, USA - Hillcrest
    Please have MPD monitor the Fairfax village shopping center for loiterers from 3-7pm during the week in front of the liquor store and Papa John's.
  • 2400 Block Martin Luther King Ave. Washington, D.C. - Anacostia
    There is heavy loitering in the form of begging and consuming alcoholic beverages on the 2400 Block of Martin Luther King Ave. S.E. D.C. This occurs especially during rush hours. People usually loiter around the liquor stores and corner stores in this area.
  • Bass Place Se Washington D.C., DC - Anacostia
    The Housing Projects at Bass Place SE and Benning Rd SE are a blight on this city. Many of the windows are busted and boarded up. Drug dealers and prostitutes are rampant. There are dirty needles and used condoms and trash on the sidewalks. All of this is just a block from the Kipp school for children. These buildings need to be torn down!
  • 1201 Talbert Street Se Washington, District of Columbia - Anacostia
    No matter what day it is people are always loitering on this corner where a school is located just across the street. This does not serve as a good example for the youth who attend school near by and only encourages laziness and lack of progress in an area of the city that needs it the most.
  • 1327 Ridge Place Se Washington, DC - Anacostia
    I would like for the DOH and/or DPW to perform a rat abatement for the 1300 block on Ridge Pl SE and the alleys for the block as well.
  • 1014 Howard Rd Se Washington, DC - Anacostia
    People continue to park cars and wait on Howard Rd. outside Anacostia Metro. Traffic gets extremely backed up during rush hour b/c people are parked in the middle of the lane. There is a kiss and ride by the parking garage. Air Force buses and other shuttles should be able to pull in with the metro buses in all that space back there. Please enforce this!
  • 4501 East Capitol St Se Washington, District of Columbia - Anacostia

    At this intersection, the left line turns left and the other lines are suppose to proceed straight. However, drivers in the middle line always veer over into the far right line. Drivers assume that the road only becomes one as you cross over in front of the Shrimp Boat. For the safety of pedistarians and drivers the lines in the road need to be painted and enhanced similar to the paint at Florida Ave NE and H Street NE ( approximately 1431 H Street NE ). The turning lane and the non turning lanes are clearly marked. The same upgraded markings are needed at this intersection.

    I frequent this intersection and have almost had several accidents do to the lack of road paint to keep the middle lane drivers proceeding in their line. Drivers assume the middle and right merges and become lane. This is a very dangerous intersection and I am concerned for my family safety every time I drive through it.

  • 1601 U St Se Washington, District of Columbia - Anacostia
    This is the 2nd time I'm reporting this. This is a big safety issue kids walk this way for school everyday.
  • Branch And Southern Av. Se Washington D.C., DC 20020 - Suitland-Silver Hill
    The intersection of Branch & Southern Aves. is exceptionally dangerous. Both roads are heavily traveled carrying in/outbound traffic into MD and DC. At the intersection, cars leaving the Marlborough House apts. cannot cross Branch to continue onto Southern Av due to cars turning left onto Branch attempting to beat the short green light. Additionally, traffic coming up Branch Av (from MD) does not stop for the red traffic light. Lastly, motorists on Southern Av are making illegal left turns from the right-hand lane that is clearly marked for right turns only. This has causes several accidents in recent memory. It all adds to the hazard the traffic/residents from Marlborough House must encounter when leaving the complex. Suggest that a green light/left turn signal (short cycle, perhaps) be installed to allow traffic to leave Marlborough House without fear of an accident occurring.