Lyon Village Citizens Assn.

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Established 1/5/10 by HK Park for residents of Lyon Village in Arlington, VA

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  • 3227-3251 Washington Blvd Arlington, VA 22201, USA - Lyon Village
    Road in bad shape. Restriping necessary. And lane ID lights need to be bright enough so that you can see them in the setting sun.
  • Grafitti Archived
    2232 18th St N Arlington, VA - Lyon Village
    Grafitti on sidewalk
  • 13th St N & N Herndon St Arlington, VA, 22201, USA - Lyon Village
    Pothole in NW-bound N Herndon St by 13th St N, Arlington, VA
  • 1617 North Danville Street Arlington, Virginia - Lyon Village
    This should not be a two-way stop around a traffic circle. The two-way traffic that is allowed to proceed without stopping always drives VERY fast, and the blind spots at this intersection--caused by fences, untrimmed trees, and the median in the traffic circle--make it impossible to see the non-stopping traffic until you're practically in the intersection. Children play here, people run here, and pedestrians cross with their dogs here. I've narrowly avoided being hit by other cars on several occasions, and I don't run here precisely because it is so dangerous. It needs to be a four-way stop.
  • 1300 Block North Irving Arlington, Virginia - Lyon Village
    Last Sunday evening, near a church here, a sketchy-looking white male, dark / brown hair, on a bike, stopped just in front of a young child doing lawn work and lit a cigarette and starting chatting with the child. The male's tone was aggressive and disturbing. And he is not familiar in the area nor has been seen around (at least openly) since. What kind of male lights a cigarette in front of a young child, and then comes closer to speak to them?
  • 1306 - 1308 North Irving Arlington, Virginia - Lyon Village
    This is a family, professional working area, and most of us have children or rise very early for work. What can be done about loud, thug-like males who drink and smoke and appear to party in the middle of the street very late many nights? This is a Sunday night, before a 5 am work day. What's UP with these males?