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  • 2001 Fenton Street Richmond, Virginia - Fulton
    TONS of tires have been dumped over the guard rail on this lot.
  • 1700-2300 Rawlings Street Richmond, Virginia - Fulton
    I've lived in the neighborhood for years and it just keeps getting worse. People use Rawlings as a cut through between the neighborhood and Government Road, and they FLY down the street at upwards of 45 miles per hour. There are no sidewalks so people must walk in the street, and it's getting increasingly scary. Please look into this, I would hate to think that requests are being ignored because of the demographic of the neighborhood....
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    1901 Fenton St Richmond, Virginia - Fulton
    tree in front of property need to be cut back
  • 2009 Fenton Street Richmond, Virginia - Fulton
    Tires are being dumped in the drainage ditch. Some are now in the ditch. Have seen a red pickup truck there multiple times.
  • 901 Stony Run Road Richmond, Virginia - Fulton
    Several dump truck loads of demolition debris have been dumped on the north side of Stony Run Road, backed up to the woods.This item was previously report in Mid July 2014. The debris is still there.
  • 1711 Accomac Street Richmond, Virginia - Fulton
    The trailer has been parked on Maverick St. next to 1711 Accomac for several months, and it appears that someone is using it as a permanent residence.
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    1822 Fenton Street Richmond, Virginia - Fulton
    Overgrown tree is blocking stop sign. Saw someone almost blow through it this morning at 30+ miles per hour because they didn't see the stop sign until the last second.
  • 1914 Fenton Street Richmond, Virginia - Fulton
    over 50 tires were dumped here very recently, sometime in the past week. At least a dozen tires are still on the street, but most have been thrown over the guardrail. Unbelievable. We need them removed, and also "No Dumping" signs placed here. Otherwise, it will become a magnet for similar dumping.
  • 1507 Carlisle Ave Richmond, Virginia - Fulton
    Citizen states a black vehicle has been sitting for 2months with a cracked wind shield and Alabama plates
  • 1625-1623 Williamsburg Rd. Richmond, Virginia - Fulton
    This alley provides access to the limited parking for our business district. If the alley portion that the City owns could get fixed, it would certainly help these business.
  • Futura Avenue And Williamsburg Road Richmond, VA - Fulton
    Located on futura avenue in front of gas station.
  • Futura Avenue And Williamsburg Rd Richmond, VA - Fulton
    Signage both in the public easement as well as on light poles that block traffic visibility at the gas station. Also, Cheap signage stuck in ground that flies into traffic when winds blow.