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  • 1685 Saybrook Rd Middletown, Connecticut - Middletown
    We live on Saybrook rd and have noticed MANY trucks parked along the road for a couple of years now when there were never as many as there are now. This looks terrible and it just seems to be getting worse and worse. Since when can someone park a yellow construction vehicle and old tralers across the street from peoples homes !?? My kids even asked me why !!! You can even see it on GOOGLE street view .... Please do something about this as many people in this area are beginning to notice major changes and we are all wondering why,
  • 217 Poplar Rd Middletown, Connecticut - Middletown
    The road at the end of my driveway is not draining properly. During the winter we have 5 inches of ice at the end of the driveway and today it looked like a pond in front of it.
  • 416-460 Newfield St Middletown, CT, 06457, USA - Middletown
    They fix it somewhat but it just keeps coming back. It used to be one big hole then they fixed it. Now it’s multiple big holes so you can’t even go around & avoid it.
  • 80 Hillside Avenue Middletown, Connecticut - Middletown
    Bulk trash pickup is needed badly at this location. There have been box springs, mattresses, couches, and other furniture sitting around the dumpster and on the grass for months. It is very unsightly (blight).
  • 4 Cottage Street Middletown, Connecticut - Middletown
  • 66 Spring St. Middletown, CT - Middletown
    This house is being foreclosed upon and there has been a "pack and play" style crib out front since Early December. It is now full of garbage. It was out by the street for pickup, but since, has been moved back to the other side of the sidewalk.
  • 545-555 Butternut Street Middletown, Connecticut - Middletown
    Dog is CONSTANTLY barking. All hours of day and night. Early in the morning and late at night. Believe dog is being neglected.
  • 465 Newfield St Middletown, Connecticut - Middletown
    The massive pothole has returned post plowing in front of 465 Newfield St (aka rt 3) due to plowing. Please repair.
  • 300-598 Middle St Middletown, CT, 06457, USA - Middletown
    Please fix this road it’s horrid. All of middle street! My poor car can’t take it anymore.
  • Newfield Street - Middletown
    The right hand lane at the corner of Washington and High Street is lumpy and has been for far too long. Fix it. Also, when traveling on Washington Street between Broad and Main, there are more lumps in the center travel lane. It's been this way for too long. This needs to be fixed.