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  • All Of Middletown Middletown, CT - Middletown

    The city of Middletown should create a dog park for all of the dog owners in Middletown. They are a great place for people to bring their dogs to. They teach the dogs social interactions with people and other dogs and it is a great place for community dog owners to come together.

    Middletown owns plenty of open space so purchasing a piece of property would not be required. Maybe they could take a 2 acre portion of Veterans Park or the park on Higby Road. Maybe even out by the reservoirs behind Middlesex somewhere. Anywhere.

    The only things really needed would be fencing, trash containers, doggy bags, and a water supply. It seems like a pretty inexpensive thing that the city could do that would show that they care about the residents with dogs.

  • To much noise Archived
    129-157 Church St Middletown, CT 06457, USA - Middletown
    there is a newly opened bar on the corner of church and hotchkiss. it has created nothing but problems. Their customers have been urinating on my property the noise goes till 2am, the police have been called several times due to the complaints and each time the noise will resume after the police leave.
  • 848 Arbutus Street - Middletown
    Tired of hearing dirt bikes ripping up and down the power lines on weekend mornings. Tired of the 4WD trucks that think it's ok to drive up the power lines at night then park and party in the woods making all sorts of noise and leaving their garbage all over the place. Tired of driving up Arbutus and seeing trucks parked at the gates ( you know - the gates they drive around -- the ones that are supposed to keep them OUT) with kids hanging out and making noise.
  • 10 Timber Ridge Rd Middletown, CT 06457, USA - Middletown

    the business end of timber ridge road is like a washboard from all the times the road has been opened to put in utilities as the businesses opened up.

    the road has virtually no surfaces without patches, holes, popped-up manhole covers, etc etc.

  • 114-398 Highland Ave Middletown, CT 06457, USA - Middletown
    there is a guy who walks his yellow lab around highland ave area but other parts of middletown too, yes he has his dog on a leash but hes not holding onto the leash. i dont care if the dog listens well, i have seen it run in the middle of the street before, and its going to get killed, then the guy is going to try to sue because @#$% say "oh but he was on a leash" this guy is whack and shouldnt have any animals
  • 533 Main St Middletown, CT, USA - Middletown
  • 1168 East St Middletown, CT 06457, USA - Middletown
  • Drug traffic Archived
    110-144 Pearl St Middletown, CT 06457, USA - Middletown
    Yellow house to the left of the Wesleyan dorm has non stop traffic in and out all times of the day and night. The majority of the traffic is going to the side door. Many times people have been taken away from this house in an ambulance. Drug addicts and drug dealers live here and nothing is done about it.
  • Unnamed Rd Middletown, CT 06457, USA - Middletown

    It is sad that our town has cut the fireworks display..
    I think we need to take some lessons from Portland, on how much less the spend then we did but yet had a longer better show..........


  • 1015 Randolph Rd Middletown .CT - Middletown
    Every weekend vacuums are for sale next to Road distracting drivers. I have seen drivers loose control of vehicle and causing accidents.
  • 123-199 Berlin St Middletown, CT 06457, USA - Middletown
    The smell of urine and feces and barking dogs early in the morning coming from the doggy day care
  • Gas Prices Archived
    South Main Street Middletown, CT 06457, USA - Middletown
    Why are gas prices on South Main St $2.91,twenty cents higher per gallon than Washington Street $2.71
    and Berlin Turnpike is at $2.63
    Go figure!!