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  • 1675-1695 Saybrook Rd Middletown, CT 06457, USA - Middletown
    Saybrook rd has become DANGEROUS. We have lived here for over 20 years and the road has NEVER BEEN PAVED ! My wife broke rear struts on hastily patched potholes. I actually had a blowout going to pick her car up from the mechanic. Flatbed trucks and dumptrucks are constantly speeding . Zoning has done nothing as most of these buisnesses are operating out of the boundaries of their zoning, which I have checked. The road needs paving, speed limit signs need to be updated and the amount of litter dispensed by Pratt & Whitney workers buying beer and licquor at lunch break is outrageous..DOES ANYONE CARE IN OUR CITY ANYMORE?????? take a look here

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  • Wadsworth Street And Extending To/From Wadsworth Falls State Park To/From Snow Elem. School Middletown, Connecticut - Middletown
    Reported from my mobile device
  • boat Archived
    410-460 Ridge Rd Middletown, CT 06457, USA - Middletown
    One of the houses in this area of ridge road had a boat in the driveway that is just a complete eyesore. I could not see the number on the house but it can be easily seen because of this awful boat. This is a neighborhood not a marina. Move it.
  • drug activity Archived
    Intersection Of Church Street And Hubbard Street - Middletown
    white female in a white maxima with a black front bumper and front side fenders black going up and down the street in reverse making transactions with someone
  • 426-436 S Main St Middletown, CT 06457, USA - Middletown

    The Citgo station at 436 S. Main is just plain dumpy in appearance. There is two-year- old graffiti related to gangs on the side of the building with newer graffiti(about 10 months old) over that! In addition, there are signs blocking the windows and backs of signs with some sort of printing on them. At times, the grass on the station's is not mowed for weeks. No other Gas station in Middletown looks as shabby.

    Yes, it's only a gas station, but it should improve its appearance.

  • 956-1150 Chamberlain Hill Rd Middletown, CT 06457, USA - Middletown
    Something needs to be done about the drainage on this street. The run-off from the street is eroding not only the street itself, but also the properties of the residents who live down the hill. Please do something about this problem!!
  • 442 Timber Ridge Rd - Middletown

    This road has been falling a part for years now. All the small patches that the city did on this road get ripped up by the snow plows every winter and the road gets worse. Recently, with the construction of the military base, trucks have been driving up and down the road all week transporting dirt to Kenneth Dooley Drive. The constant use of this road by dump trucks with huge loads continue to make the road worse.

    Tear up the road, let the trucks drive on the gravel, and when work is done on Kenneth Dooley Drive, pave the road.

  • 217 Archived
    37-165 Connecticut 217 Middletown, CT 06457, USA - Middletown
    21@4stop sign need traffic light, gets back up causing motorists to violate traffic signs and cut through residential roads
  • 5-7 Russell St Middletown, CT 06457, USA - Middletown
    This area has become a dumping ground for peoples cats. there is about 8 cats that are just making babies. Animal Control will only do something if they are sick.
  • Speeding Archived
    586-772 Atkins St Middletown, CT 06457, USA - Middletown
    Cars easily doing 65+ to maybe 85 in a residentual area with kids at play.......
  • 149-299 Dripps Rd Middletown, CT 06457, USA - Middletown
    Continuous dumping of Concrete,asphalt and old building materials on a ZONED R-60 property between Saybrook and Dripps Rd. The Zoning dept was notified yet the dumping continues daily. Watch this video for yourself
  • State-Wide - Middletown
    If a normal commuter can see 10 to 20 people texting daily during an hour of commuting time, then unmarked cars must see 10 times that amount. Start enforcing the law.