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  • 1600 Block Harvard/Hobart Alley Washington, DC 20009 - Mount Vernon Triangle

    Our area overrun by rats. Scofflaw Supercan and Recycling Can storage on public space in 1600 block Harvard/Hobart NW alley after day of pickup; many Supercans lack lids or have rat chew holes; improper bulk trash handling; rats' nests in back yards; no rat abatement by homeowners or enforcement by DC gov. What happened to Clean City Initiative and War on Rats?

    Take care of this public health menace.

  • Intersection Of 5th And Ny Ave Nw Washington DC 20001 - Mount Vernon Triangle
    The Pedestrian walk signals are mistimed. They give the pedestrian less than 10 seconds to cross a major four lane street with heavy traffic
  • Bicycles Archived
    1301-1399 5th St Nw Washington, DC 20001, USA - Shaw
    1309 5th st NW. Speed hump extend into bike lane. This is a real hazard after dark as the street is not light. There are two such humps in this block.
  • 5th L, and New York Ave, Washington, DC - Mount Vernon Triangle
    The timing of this intersection changes depending on the day. When the red light stops traffic on NY Ave, a green light appears to allow crossing of NY Ave, however sometimes the Southeast side of L St is given initial right of way (via a green light) to proceed through the intersection. If this happens, stopped traffic on 5th street heading north will see a red light at 5th and L but a green light at 5th and NY Ave. This is confusing and frequently traffic will run the red light at 5th and L when the traffic from L has green light. This needs to be clarified to prevent accidents, especially since this is a high pedestrian traffic area with the Safeway grocery store.
  • 805 6th St Nw Washington, DC 20001, USA - Downtown
    In alley
  • 555 Massachusetts Ave Nw Washington D.C., DC - Mount Vernon Triangle
    Traveling Westbound on Massachussetts Ave towards Chinatown has been worsened since the I St NW lane was removed at 5th St. Now drivers have to sit through several cycles of lights to make left turns onto 5th St NW at Mass Ave and the quick right turn onto I between 5th and 6th Sts NW (a common occurrence). Oncoming traffic headed toward the 3rd Street Tunnel never abates and this could be easily remedied with a left turn arrow or delay that allows several cars to turn left on 5 St NW before 2 way traffic opens up. It would also prevent near crashes with pedestrians and oncoming vehicles from frustrated drivers trying desperately to make the turn.
  • 3169 Mt. Pleasant St Nw Washington, DC - Mount Vernon Triangle
    Large spay painted words in Spanish
  • 400 Massachusetts Ave Nw Washington, DC - Downtown
    The light sequencing at 4th and Mass, Mass Ave and H Street, and 3rd and Mass Ave NW have all been changed so only about 2-3 cars are allowed through this major intersection at a time. The traffic down Mass Ave is horrendous now. Please change the sequencing back so more cars may move through this intersection.
  • 500 I Street Northwest Washington, DC 20001, USA - Downtown
  • 1140 4th Street Northwest Washington, DC 20001, USA - Mount Vernon Triangle
    Open utility hatch. Exposed electrical wires sticking up from sidewalk.
  • Interstate 395 Washington, DC 20001, USA - Mount Vernon Triangle
    Camera for speeding in work zone. No work being done.
  • Vacant Lot Archived
    419 Ridge Street Northwest Washington, DC 20001, USA - Shaw
    Construction on the property has been abandoned and the site is not secure. It is increasingly dangerous to drive down the adjacent alley. There is also a large pile of construction trash that has been left on the property.