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  • Misc. Request Archived
    301 Mount Lucas Road Princeton, NJ 08540, USA - Princeton North
    Police road closure sign left after use.
  • 287 Hamilton Ave Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
  • 120 John Street Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    The walk signal at the corner of Robeson/Chambers/Johns; north of YMCA, south of the church is not functioning properly (if at all). Doesn't matter how much of a time lag between pressing the button (the one on the island) and the light turning green. Thank you.
  • 240 246 Western Way Princeton, NJ 08540, USA - Princeton

    It's completely black in the evenings. There are no street lamps here.

    Dangerous to walk on any evening. Dangerous to bike after dark, especially after it rains when trees are down.

  • 143 Birch Avenue Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton North
    my property abuts the parking lot for CP South,for much of the green space between the long fence and the parking lot, this town-owned land is well maintained. However, for some of the expanse starting 100 feet east of Race Street, the ground is overgrown and littered with assorted debris—bags of garbage, old tires, old fencing, broken glass mixed with gravel, even a smashed kitchen sink.
  • Nassau St And Witherspoon St - Princeton
    There's a brick missing and a hole down to whatever's under the street at the Nassau St and Witherspoon St intersection. It was wide open for anyone to step in this morning at 8:45 am; later I saw a cone over it. Time to fix it so no one gets hurt?
  • 198 Worths Mill Lane Princeton Township, NJ 08540, United States of America - Princeton
    Dislodged sewer grate; location address is actually 106 Worths Mill Lane
  • 232-274 Cherry Valley Rd Princeton, NJ 08540, USA - Princeton
    Terrible pot hole on cherry valley rd after cherry hill road intersection heading towards rt 206. Road is bumpy overall but this hole is too deep. Hit the pot hole this morning and it sounded terrible.
  • 29 Maclean Street Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    There seems to be an insect infestation in the tree on the curb. About 1/4 of the leaves are dead already. Maybe be aphids as the leaves are curled. The tree is losing a lot of branches as they die. This tree is great as it keeps the house cool in the summer as it block the southern sun... please keep it alive
  • 737 Princeton Kingston Road Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    Dead deer by the driveway
  • Pothole Archived
    1-11 Bank Street Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    There is a pothole on the right side of the lane near the side entrance of 14 Nassau St on Bank.
  • 160 Spruce Circle Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton

    The part bench in Quarry Park near Spruce Circle on the North side of the path was removed within the past couple days.

    This was probably the most frequently used bench in the park - when will it be replaced?