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Notified About

  • Street Light Archived
    107 Stoney Ridge Rd Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    Street light at 107 Stoney Ridge Rd is out. The street light number is X6300.
  • Street Light Archived
    Hunter Court Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    Street light number X6877
  • 426 El Dorado Street Vallejo - Vallejo
    Across the street from this address.
  • Graffiti Archived
    300 Virginia Street Vallejo, Ca - Vallejo
    Found graffiti on city trash receptacle at corner of Virginia Street and Sacramento Street on side of 300 Virginia Street. Reported by CCRC Security.
  • Sidewalk Archived
    1038 Maple Ave Vallejo, California - Vallejo
  • 2900 Webb Street Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    The Chesley Court Walkway is in dire need of cleaning and the ivy on the fence is totally overgrown. Please take care of this. It's between Webb/Cedar and Chesley Court. There is also trash on the walkway.
  • 385 Temple Way Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    A bunch of clothes left on the street (possibly by a homeless person?) next to the driveway leading up to the City water tanks.
    The location is next to 385 Temple Way and diagonally opposite 312 Temple Way
  • 400 Tuolumne St Vallejo, CA 94590, USA - Vallejo
    White Sofa in street
  • 118 Kentucky Street Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    Front yard full of tall, dried out weeds.
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower Hwy Vallejo, CA 94591, USA - Vallejo
    People are living out of this car and leaving there trash around the area
  • 1300 Benicia Road Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    There appears to be a homeless encampment in the bushes of the old movie theater property at the corner of Benicia Rd and Rollingwood Dr.
  • Other Archived
    400 Mare Island Way Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    not sure how to categorize this but all the junk In the water all along where first the spot across the street from the state farm building on the yacht club beginnings of the waterfront. there is so much junk in the water that is looks so dirty all the way down to the resturants. this is only one photo at the beginning of it all.