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  • 2414 Sonoma Blvd Vallejo, CA - Vallejo
    The homeless have once again taking up residency on the sidewalk outside of businesses on Sonoma Blvd. on both sides including the Salon across from Nation’s.
    I see this as unfair to these businesses as people will not patronize these establishments if they see encampments outside the door, they will just keep on driving.
    Allowing these encampments also encourages blight and more vagrancy.
    This is UNACCEPTABLE, they need to be moved along.
  • 501 Sereno Drive Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    This entire area between the railroad tracks and Walmart Neighborhood Market is literally a cesspool of bums and out of control vagrancy alone with drug use, trash, litter, indecent exposure, general filth etc.
    Littering in the Walmart parking lot and dumping on the railroad tracks.
    The hard working tax paying residents of this city demand action now!
    Enough talk, action now, please.
    Law enforcement needs to clean out ot only this area but this entire end of town. Check for outstanding warrants and sexual predator status.
    The residents of this city deserve better than this.
    This is going on all over this city, why would anyone want to do business here?
    This city is stagnant but so much potential but it’s wasted due to poor leadership and lack of ambition.
  • 124 Plaza Drive Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    The man sleeping at the bus stop is releasing his bodily waste on the city street. Trash is being thrown into the intersection. My car was hit by his flying debis. This is a hazard to motorists and people walking on the city street. This trash on the street is assisting the rodent population. Please have this man removed.
  • 3864 Sonoma Blvd Vallejo, CA - Vallejo
    I went to this shopping center at Redwood St and Sonoma Blvd last night and the entire area was an absolute Cesspool.
    Unsavory people loitering everywhere, homeless vagrants, hobos, RVS, decrepit junk cars with people living in them.
    This is a problem here and of course Walmart and across the street from smart and final to the Exxon Gas Station and beyond.
    Entire area has s very unsafe and dirty feeling to it.
    I have live in Vallejo all my life and have never felt so unsafe in this area.
    Something needs to be done to clean up Vallejo.
    It’s a @#$% shame what is going on in this city.
    Vallejo in and of itself is a beautiful city with so much wasted potential.
    We really need to help the truly homeless get off the street and send all the hobos, transients, and druggies packing.
  • 3901 Sonoma Boulevard Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    This has to be the most disgusting homeless COMMUNE that i have ever seen! Garbage everywhere, homeless camps, filth , people defacting in plain view of the shoppers at Smart and final, and NOTHING is being done about it. The homeless constantly harass the shoppers as they are going into the store, loitering around the parking lot looking in cars, yelling at people and all of this being against the law! The city will do nothing about the 20 plus homeless camps on this property or for that matter anywhere else in Vallejo also! Drive down Sonoma Blvd from HWY 29 and look at the filth you encounter as enter Vallejo, despicable! This is what people see when they come here, homeless camps, garbage, filth everywhere, and you wonder why we have the distinct ranking of 222nd on the worst place to raise a family! I blame the past and current city council for this problem!
  • Mare Island Cswy Vallejo, CA, 94590, USA - Vallejo
    Public boat launch parking lot. These motor homes and the long, green bus have been in this area for quite some time. Recently, the green bus has been parking in the area overnight, and homeless activity has increased. The security team that patrols the parking area and locks the gate so no one can park here overnight has done nothing. Why? This is not a good look for our waterfront property.
  • Mare Island Way At Farragut Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    Homeless encampment has been there for weeks very well hidden in the bushes in the vacant lot at Farragut and Old Wilson north of the store. They have a few trashy vehicles on the streets near by including one with no license plates which the city could care less about. The bushes need complete removal and is believed to be Cal Trans Responsibility. Can the city Please get your act together. This is completely irresponsible.
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    1300 Block Of El Dorado Vallejo California - Vallejo
    Is it legal to leave a large horse trailer parked on the street? This eyesore arrived 2 weeks ago and has not moved since. It's not an abandoned vehicle. It's owned by the white house on the corner.
  • 1231 Kentucky Street Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    Once again we have had this ILLEGAL encampment and the city will do nothing about it! It is a LAW in vallejo to illegally camp! Why hasnt this unacceptable homeless camp been dismantled! What do the taxpaying citizens have to do to get some response and action regarding this blight. It is not fair to the people who live within sight of this awful mess. Why should we be subjected to it. I can guarantee if this was in view of anyone who worked at city hall or was on the council, it would have been long gone by now!
  • Post Office-Vallejo 485 Santa Clara St, Vallejo, CA, 94590, USA - Vallejo
    Remove the detritus. Tear down the Post Office or use it for something productive. This is city-owned city-neglected blight.
  • 601-899 Lemon St Vallejo, CA 94590, USA - Vallejo
    Large trash dump in street
  • 498-516 Redwood St Vallejo, CA, 94590, USA - Vallejo
    Old Kmart lot full of tents, urine/human feces, garbage and all of the above going into the marshes and waterways causing pollution and a Biohazard.
    Very clear and visible No Trespassing signs posted around the fencingnon this property.