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  • Mare Island Way Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    Tents, sleeping bags, carts of possessions, and more unfortunate folks sleeping overnight in Waterfront Park, adjacent to the area cordoned off. Would CSS please ask VPD to patrol at night? This iappears to be the same orange/white tent I reported yesterday. The group of people around it looked bigger. I will call watch commander this afternoon, but it would be helpful if this could be done inter-departmentally too.
  • 537-541 York St Vallejo, CA 94590, USA - Vallejo
    Owner neglect has led to this dumping issue
  • 1440 Marin St Vallejo, CA 94590, USA - Vallejo
    Every friday after the EDD is closed, these homeless thugs move and terrorize the sorrounding neighborhood until monday morning when the office opens up again.
    EDD has been told of this ongoing situation and seems not care or do anything about it.
  • 3678 Sonoma Blvd Vallejo, CA 94590, USA - Vallejo
    over a dozen run-down, squatting campers and homeless/druggies in lot and in front of several stores make it. hard to park and shop safely.
  • 555 Santa Clara Vallejo, California - Vallejo

    When will the City of Vallejo figure out that there is no incentive to stop illegal dumping - without enforcement. The City must change their disposition of not pursuing or fining violators. At some point we have to be fed up with that attitude. The City will have to put forth some effort with the City Attorney. The theory that it costs less to just have it cleaned by the City Grounds Crew as apposed to the legal costs of finding and fining violators. This policy is not working for the residents of Vallejo, it shouldn't just be law of the jungle out there.

    Even when given photographic evidence with the vehicle, license plate and face of the offender in the process of dumping, nothing will happen, even though they ask you to report it. When I spoke with the city attorney he could not recall one case of illegal dumping coming through the system.

    Check this out regarding illegal dumping in the City's Municipal Code:
    7.44.160 - Rewards.
    Every person giving information leading to the arrest and conviction of any person for a violation of Sections 7.44.080, 7.44.090, 7.44.100, and 7.44.110 is entitled to a reward therefor. The amount of the reward for each such arrest and conviction shall be fifty percent of the amount of the fine paid by the person convicted under this chapter and received by the city. If the reward is payable to two or more persons, it shall be divided equally. The amount of collected fine to be paid under this section shall be paid prior to any distribution of the fine that may be prescribed by any other section with respect to the same fine. (Ord. 1595 N.C. (2d) § 2 (part), 2007.)

    Enforcement is the answer, without it there is no deterrence and therefore it will continue. Being offered free neighborhood garbage bags and saying “that we’re working with several departments to find a solution to this problem”, seems to be falling short. Take a look at any other city and how they handle the problem - which is to follow through with the fines and prosecute the people. I understand the logic of cleaning up these messes promptly, otherwise who would want to buy a home here? Just out of curiosity I’d love to know what the city spends on cleanup of illegal dumping, they tell us how many pounds they haul away daily. What else could we get done with that money?

    You will not see curtailment of dumping in this city until there is enforcement, at least for the most egregious violators. The city’s disposition to just clean up after dumping because it’s less expensive than the legal process of fining them $1000 has to change....

  • 414 Tennessee St Vallejo, CA 94590, USA - Vallejo
    This building is being illegally converted into a Homeless Shelter without any prior notice to the sorrounding neighborhood or city departments.
    The owners are not doing any upkeep to this building and this will make it even worse.
  • Drug Activity Archived
    410 Alabama St Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    drug activity/prostitution in alley (Qincy), behind home and sqatters living in garage. Packages/mail being stolen, property in yard being stolen. Garbage being thrown into street and neighbors yards homes. Cars and people driving into alley at all hours (all night light). Fighting, 2 shootings I'm aware of. A neighbor of mine took a photo last week of one of them pooping in my yard. Another neighbors found clothes in his washer on porch that do not belong to his family. Another neighbor found used needles in her yard. We are all feeling unsafe and afraid our homes will be broken into when we leave. It's sad, it's always been a changing neighborhood but until now we felt safe. No body seems to be doing anything!!!
  • 202 Carolina Street Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    Do I really even need to identify this RV, as it has been spotted in documented all over town. Now it’s in my neighborhood again. Reporting it here more for documentation as I will be calling 911.
  • Corner Of Farragut And Old Wilson Which Is Wrongly Called Wilson On Mar Vallejo California - Vallejo
    Stocky bald guy keeps coming back living and storing trash in the bushes behind utility box at the corner of old Wilson and Farragut. City has come and taken trash and he just comes back. Bushes are overgrown adding to this problem. He can be violent and seem crazy. Now can be seen riding a bike share bike which must be stolen and usually wearing a black long coat. Why is he allowed to continue to bring down our neighborhood? We need solutions not a problem left unsolved.
  • 229 Mare Island Way Vallejo, CA 94590, USA - Vallejo
    parked for hours, will they be camped overnight?
  • 3962 California 29 Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    Well here are the new tenants that have just moved in and making this area their new squatted home base! How many times do i have to report this area before something is DONE!!!!!!!!! At least 15 homeless camps occupy this piece of property, and i have been reporting this sight for months and months to no avail! Just a bunch of COV employees responding with their patented answer, "we are investigating this issue" What dont you people see when you come upon this area, are you blind or something! Valsaf Holding Company of Los Altos Calif owns this property, for the twentieth time! Make them clean this up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This sight is no better than trying to get a response from city hall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Both do noting entities! Collecting paychecks at our expense with no services rendered but lip service! Im pi..ed off!
  • 971–979 Tuolumne St Vallejo 94590, United States - Vallejo

    New addition (solid mattress and a bbq) added to the ongoing homeless issues at Tennessee & Tuolumne. There are now 2 competing squatters moving back & forth between the bus stops on Tuolumne (Wells Fargo), and both the Tuolumne stop or Tennessee stop (West America Bank).

    I month or so ago I called CSS and was told at least one homeless person was assessed by the county as mentally fit. I have been collecting video that may disprove that. Happy to submit if helpful.

    This is a shame ANYWHERE in our city, but it is particularly a disgrace here for attracting businesses. This street is a main artery to Mare Island and should be full of clean thriving businesses where people shop before and after work, not homeless encampments (ie the movie folk eat in Benicia!)

    I shall be reporting here often until there is a permanent resolution. I’d suggest you look into the recently reorganized County Dept for Aging.

    Thank you for attending to this matter.