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  • 2454-2456 Woodside Road Woodside, California - Woodside
    There is a huge pothole in this area that was left by a construction crew that was there doing roadwork. It is in the right hand lane, between the bike lane and the shoulder of the road, in the right hand turn lane that is used to access the I-280 North (Not on the actual ramp, right before the ramp). Before the light that is at this intersection. I would estimate it is at least 2 to 3 feet wide, by 1 to 2 feet wide, and at least 6-8 inches in depth. Drive like you are going towards Woodside about to get on I-280 North and you literally cannot miss it. Cars have been making dangerous maneuvers to avoid hitting it, and it is causing an unsafe situation for bicyclists and motorists alike. This isn't even including the ten foot long stretch of road that the crew left uneven when they were finished with their work. Quite frankly, whatever company you hired should be fired if they consider this a finished product.
  • Alameda De Las Pulgas Redwood City, CA - Redwood City
    There is a massive pothole around a metal cover on the right hand turn lane turning onto Eaton Ave going North on Alameda de las Pulgas. It is hard to see and it is damaging my car as I have hit it twice and it's getting worse.
  • 1990 Santa Cruz Ave Menlo Park Ca - Redwood City

    Construction work on weekends . I thought it was illegal to work on the weekends. They have a crew almost every weekend working. Today Saturday they are pumping the foundation from sherman ave as the construction is on the back of the property.

    Front door is approx 1990 Santa Cruz ave

  • 280 Fourth Ave Redwood City CA 94063, United States - North Fair Oaks
    On Jan 3 mattress was dumped on the green area in front of our house.
    Address is 281 4th Ave
  • 2939 Crocker Avenue Redwood City, California - North Fair Oaks
    Inoperable moldy refrigerator hazard to children who could get locked inside and suffocate sitting outside unsecured door on for over one month
  • 254 1st Avenue North Fair Oaks, CA 94061, United States of America - North Fair Oaks
  • 699 Stanford Avenue North Fair Oaks, CA 94063, United States of America - North Fair Oaks
  • 700-720 San Benito Ave Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA - North Fair Oaks
  • 436 Third Ave Redwood City, CA 94063, USA - North Fair Oaks
  • 454 Seventh Ave Menlo Park 94025, United States - North Fair Oaks
    Two kid’s bikes left in chicane
  • Fair Oaks Ave & Macarthur Ave Redwood City, CA, 94063, USA - North Fair Oaks
    Illegal dumping shopping cart
  • 3150-3198 Williams Ave Redwood City, CA 94063, USA - North Fair Oaks