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  • 175 Fifth Ave Redwood City, CA 94063, USA - North Fair Oaks
  • 3881-3919 Jefferson Avenue Emerald Hills, California - Emerald Lake Hills

    Tree overhanging the road and entangled with power lines in an unsafe manner. Multiple neighbors reported concern on NextDoor, and the adjacent homeowner is apparently elderly and requires nursing care, and isn't able to drive the process.

    After reporting to Redwood City, RWC identified that the tree in question is on the county easement and therefore responsibility of San Mateo County.

    As SeeClickFix hasn't provided another mechanism to report, I've used Illegal Dumping - Sidewalk as the closest analog. My Post to Neighbors hadn't received a county response after 2 days.

    Tree needs to be trimmed so that it is safe before the next high wind.

  • 3401–3451 Fair Oaks Ave Menlo Park CA 94025, United States - North Fair Oaks
    Mattress box spring, fire extinguishers(1 is across the street with sofa part) trash all along dirt path next to fence. I just picked up a 40 gallon trash bag full of stuff and put it in MY garbage can and no room left for other peoples junk. Thanks
  • 403 Sixth Ave Menlo Park 94025, United States - North Fair Oaks
  • Riekes Center 3455 Edison Way, North Fair Oaks, CA 94027, United States of America - North Fair Oaks
  • 406 Ninth Ave Menlo Park 94025, United States - North Fair Oaks
    Paint cans left on curb by gutter at the corner of 9th ave and Middlefield rd.
  • 3227 Middlefield Rd Menlo Park 94025, United States - North Fair Oaks
    It seems like this dumpster is constantly sitting out here overflowing with garbage and it looks terrible. Can anything be done? Some of us would like to have pride in our neighborhood.
  • Sixth Ave Menlo Park 94025, United States - North Fair Oaks
    I realize this isn’t exactly dumping, but the citizens of the 400 block of 6th Avenue could really use a little love. These roundabouts falling apart, tons of potholes (some filled, some not) and the fact that it’s a traffic huge shortcut from 5th Avenue our impact our quality of life. A little help would go a long way.
  • 501 Seventh Ave Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA - North Fair Oaks
    so much mess and dumping
  • 3632 Haven Ave Redwood City, CA 94063, USA - Menlo Park
    Almost every morning there are semi trucks unloading cars on the NO PARKING side of Haven Ave. Now this wouldn't necessarily be an issue but it has and will cause more accidents for the residence trying to exit Anton Menlo Apartments. These trucks completely block the view to get out of the complex almost causing accidents because you have to creep into cross traffic just to see if you can cross onto East Haven Ave. Porsche needs to be notified they have to unload cars on there side of the street where parking is allowed or on there enormous lot.
  • 2366 Bay Rd Redwood City 94063, United States - North Fair Oaks
    Some one pooped near the telephone pole and left it there.
  • 499 Sixth Ave Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA - North Fair Oaks
    Metal grates.