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  • Havemeyer Street At South 4th Street Brooklyn, NY 11213, USA - Williamsburg
    This intersection is dangerous to pedestrians and cyclists. No enforcement of vehicles' failure to yield to pedestrians. There are no crossing guards, elderly and children have to play chicken with cars and trucks in order to cross.
  • 42 Troutman St Brooklyn, NY 11206, USA - Bushwick
    This building is boarded up and unoccupied. There is more and more illegal dumping happening in the front patio of this address every day. It is getting out of hand.
  • 526-538 Johnson Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA - Williamsburg
    there's been a big gouge pothole across the westbound lane for a while. lots of potholes on this road
  • Berry St & N 13th Brooklyn, NY - City Council District 33
    Please fix the Tennis Courts - they are in such bad condition!
  • Pothole Open
    524 Johnson Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA - Williamsburg
    Johnson is a pretty bad road for cars
  • No Heat Open
    211 S 3rd St New York, NY 11211 - Williamsburg

    I hope you can be of help. I would like to file a formal complaint against my landlord, who has historically neglected to provide heat (to at least 68 degrees F when appropriate and indicated by nyc gov regs) and hot water for my apartment. I am hoping to reach a critical mas of unhappy tenants that want to vocalize the problem.

    The current problem -- for the last month we have had unreliable heat and hot water and 2 weekends ago we were told the boiler was broken and were left with out either for 4 days. In general, hot water and heat is usually made available in the morning, but ends at about 9:30 and then continues later in the afternoon (I know this because I can usually do dishes around 5PM).

    The ongoing issue: In terms of heat, I believe the heat is turned on in the evening so there is some during the night (still not 68 degrees) but all afternoon there is no heat. If all tenants were gone all day, I could understand this heat/hot water pattern, but there is no reason to assume that we are all gone and heat and hot water need only be provided on some kind of schedule that we have had no input on.

    After enduring these ongoing, sporadic heat and hot water issues ALL last winter, I have learned as tenants that we have rights to heat and hot water and want to make the best effort to ensure this does not happen again. Although I was told heat and hot water is provided, and always pay my rent on time, I have found myself an unfortunate victim of my landlord's neglect. It is rough being sick in the winter with no heat and this year I am pregnant so much more concerned.... I don't know why this is happening or what we can do. My husband called and were yelled at and accused of being liars. Please help!

  • 273 Lee Ave Brooklyn new york11206, new york - Williamsburg
    Reported from my mobile device
  • 85 Driggs Ave Brooklyn, NY - City Council District 33
    This cafe is quite popular with cyclists and needs at least one or two bike racks. BikeNYC
  • 97 Troutman Street Brooklyn, NY - Bushwick
    this building has a severe rat problem. they've been cited in the past but it hasn't gotten any better. it's starting to spread to surrounding buildings and it's really disgusting. i know rats and nyc go hand in hand but this is seriously out of control...dozens of rats coming in and out and getting into garbage and dying in the street. it needs to be addressed, please!
  • 361-363 Humboldt St Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA - Williamsburg
    There needs to be a garbage can on the corner of Humboldt and Metropolitan. The White Castle bins are always full, and with the White Castle, a bodega and a popular bar all on the corner, people throw their trash on the street since there's no can. This corner is consistently filled with trash.
  • 244 And 250 Union Avenue Harrison, NY - Williamsburg
    One large pot hole is between 244 and 250 Union Avenue. It's deep and when cars 'drop in to it, it's loud, disruptive and, DANGEROUS.
  • Ainslie St Brooklyn/kings, NY - Williamsburg
    This intersection gets heavy pedestrian traffic, as many people walk up Keap to get on the L and G trains on Union. Rodney Street has fast-moving traffic, and cars/trucks turn up Ainslie with speed.