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  • 2538 9th Street North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Greater Woodlawn Neighborhood Association
    The new single auto lane restriction lane on 9th St between 22nd Ave N and 30th Ave N needs to be undone ASAP. Not sure who thought this was a good idea. The traffic had been backed backed up 10-20 cars deep at the traffic lights where there was never any traffic issue before. Furthermore, with traffic now jammed up and/or crawling along it is dangerous to attempt to 'squeeze' in to the traffic from a side-street. This is even more so the case if you are towing a boat or other trailer.
  • 2835 16th St N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Greater Woodlawn Neighborhood Association
    This property needs to be addressed immediately. The Food Mart located at 2835 16th St N, as well as the bar in the same building, do NOT take care of general maintenance of the property. The roof literally has holes falling through it. The Food Mart has a ridiculous amount of signs posted (which all advertise the same thing and which negatively affect the appearance of the building) and the outside of the building is moldy and falling apart. Needless to say, this is diminishing the appearance of the Woodlawn neighborhood. This neighborhood is well known and a desirable area, with many families residing in it. However, this particular corner of the neighborhood needs to be addressed by the city and improved in appearance. The Food Mart attracts a clientele that raises safety issues (loitering, questionable people wandering down near private homes, vehicles parked in front of homes while their drivers are inside building,) as well as noise issues (cars playing loud radio music while parked in the lot, people yelling and carrying on arguments.) The owners are unfriendly and obviously expect trouble with customers, and yelled at a friend of mine to buy something or get out after he'd been browsing their beer selection for less than 5 minutes. The dumpster in the lot is visible to the neighborhood and could easily be moved to a more discreet place on the property where it will not be an eyesore to adjacent neighbors. Overall, this building is VERY negatively affecting the appearance of the neighborhood and has remained unaddressed for years. It is time to enforce property maintenance here. Please address this.
  • 1108 30th Ave N St. Petersburg, FL - Greater Woodlawn Neighborhood Association
    Just repave 30th because if you drive down any other road you dont see the issues 30th ave N is still having on curb sides. However I don't appreciate getting splashed with water taking the trash out to curb. So please add additional asphalt ASAP. I will mark the road with an X if you need help seeing the standing water? Or look at my pic a day after a little rain. I waited to take pic so the engineers can not say from heavy rain cause you can see the road is dry. Dangerous for cyclists.
  • 921 22nd Avenue North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Greater Woodlawn Neighborhood Association
    there are a couple depressions that have slowly gotten worse in the WB lanes of 22nd Ave North
  • 1100 26th Ave North saint petersburg, Florida - Greater Woodlawn Neighborhood Association

    The home owner at 1100 26th ave north in St. Petersburg. had a new fence installed on the south side of his property and it is inside out, right next to the alley.
    A few neighbors allegedly informed the homeowner as it was being built that it was a code violation and he said he did not care.
    This is a reasonably nice neighborhood and this incorrectly installed fence is an eyesore and a safety hazard!

    The fence can be viewed directly west of11th st. north and is on the North side of the alley between 26th ave north and 25th ave north.

  • 1525 29th Ave N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Greater Woodlawn Neighborhood Association
    I don't even know where to begin with this house. Nothing is maintained and the people who live there sit outside on rotten patio furniture around the clock. There is no driveway, but they park in the yard every day. Sometimes they park in the yard near the street, sometimes they park farther up by the house (which is set back by the alley), sometimes they park in the side yard. There are constantly vagrants visiting this house and random people hanging out in the front yard late at night. I have no idea how many people actually reside there, but there is a young girl who is still in high school that lives there. It is not a safe place for a minor. I see 5-10 different men coming and going each week, and every day a group hangs out at the table that is permanently kept in their front yard, and drink beer starting at around 11 am. People get dropped off in cabs every night, hang out and make noise and play their radio loud well into the night. Right now there is a stranger's car parked in the yard, and half of it is practically in the neighbor's yard. This property is atrocious in appearance and NOTHING is taken care of. There has GOT to be something done about this.
  • 1108 30th Avenue North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Greater Woodlawn Neighborhood Association
    After 10 mins of rain, water reached center double line and didn't flow at all on Southside of 30th ave N between 1116 30th ave N & 1100 30th ave N Southside of road. Water sat in front of 1108 30th ave N reaching double center lines and expanded from alley and 11th street N south side of road. Cars started driving on north side of road in wrong lane as they traveled east towards mlk. The asphalt on this side near curb needs to be raised to help the water flow towards sewers. It seems 30th ave N between 16th street N and MLK might need to be looked at during a rain by higher management cause cars where at a stand still on 30th ave N approaching MLK also. I have pics and videos to show this occurrence it was bad flooding and not nice at all for being a newly paved road.
  • 1520 28th Ave N St Petersburg Fl - Greater Woodlawn Neighborhood Association
    The alley between 28th Ave n and 27th Ave n is developing potholes at 16 st and 15th st
  • Traffic Issue Archived
    Mlk 22nd Ave N - 9th Ave N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Greater Woodlawn Neighborhood Association
    The decision to add a "bike lane" and reduce N-S TRAFFIC to one lane is ridiculous. Whoever suggested this and approved this within the CITY/COUNTY should be exposed. I will join in any effort to reverse this moronic decision.
  • 2201-2239 Dr Martin Luther King Jr St N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33704, USA - Crescent Heights Neighborhood Association
    We have been requesting for months the man hole cover be fixed in the intersection of MLK and 22nd Ave N. The cover makes an extremely loud noise when every vehicle crosses over. It's difficult to sleep at night and is a nuisance in throughout the day when working on the phone. If I recorded this noise and played it at your desk all day long you would probably shoot me! It sounds similar to banging a hammer as hard as you could on a piece of metal. Not the best noise to fall asleep to either. I know many don't think this is a big deal unless they are the ones that have to hear it all day and night (through impact windows). The cover eventually kept popping up and coming off causing the city to call in police officers to guard it and redirect traffic on multiple occasions so no one got hurt. After a recent excavation and repair the cover is still not fastened properly and making an extremely loud noise in addition to the one located in front of 860 22nd Ave. N. It appears as though it's not level or fastened properly. Can you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do something to fix this?
  • 2445 Woodlawn Circle W Saint Petersburg, Florida - Greater Woodlawn Neighborhood Association
    This property has been an eyesore for 18 years --over grown poor maintenance --no one has lived there and place is a hazard
  • 2931 11th Street North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Greater Woodlawn Neighborhood Association
    A house is being built at this address and they are laying their wooden building products, roofing trusses, etc. across the sidewalk and blocking the path. A disabled person on a scooter with a child on his lap couldn't get around it and nearly got stuck in the grass trying to go around it before he had to turn back. It's impassible and has been there for 2 days already with no activity.