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  • Cockroaches Archived
    1243 W Seashore Dr Gilbert, Arizona - Gilbert
    I think the storm drains and sewers are infested with roaches, as I am seeing them come onto my property from here. Requesting Gilbert treat the sewers as I am seeing 100s of roaches along my backyard wall (facing the storm drains) and my skin is crawling with ickiness.
  • 98 N Oak St Gilbert, AZ - Gilbert
    Feeding animals on Town property. The violation occurred at 0445 hours this morning. The violation occurs daily.
  • 1500–1524 N Monterey St Gilbert 85233, United States - Gilbert
    This isn’t illegal parking but illegal lane usage. During school release times at EduPrize parents are driving around traffic in the wrong lanes to pass cars waiting to pick their kids up. My car was hit last week due to someone doing this. This happens on a daily basis from approximately 15:00-15:30. I also have video of many cars doing this.
  • 553-635 West Elliot Road Gilbert, Arizona - Gilbert
    This park has been poorly maintained. The grass is all but dead, the trees have dead branches and I don't believe it gets watered anymore. We live in Gilbert not south Phoenix Please look into this eyesore. It's a fire hazard. Thank you, Love the Town of Gilbert.
  • Other Archived
    661 W Sierra Madre Ave Gilbert Az 85233 - Gilbert
    The light under the gazebo in the park at Sierra Madre Ave and Abilene is out it is a solar light and most likely needs a new battery
  • 580 W. Meloday Ave. Gilbert, Arizona - Gilbert

    Not sure if I need to report this issue elsewhere. Please advise. This was posted 9/20 (closed right away) and again on 10/1 (closed right away). I haven't seen any police monitoring. This is an ongoing issue.

    Daily at the 12:20-12:35ish time frame, there are a few cars that make a "second right turn lane" at Melody and Monterey. There is only room for one car each way on both Melody and Monterey. The street is not wide enough for people to safely go around. In the past two days, I've been passed in the school zone while I am moving forward. The school has been made aware; however, this is a huge safety concern. Periodic monitoring from Gilbert PD would be appreciated before there is an accident.

  • Other Archived
    335 W. Brisa Drive Gilbert, Arizona - Gilbert
    Please see the picture attached. The HOA states that they cannot part that car in the driveway - so they now park it in the road. It looks awful! HOA stated to reach out to you.
  • Other Archived
    102 W Vaughn Ave Gilbert, AZ 85233, USA - Gilbert
    I have to park in the parking garage for work occasionally and in the afternoons, I have noticed an increase in large groups of teens hanging around the cars in the garage, skateboarding, vaping, and watching people as they come and go. I dont feel very comfortable parking my vehicle there. Any chance in having the police or someone check the downtown garages occasionally?
  • 425 S Dodge St Gilbert, AZ, 85233, USA - Gilbert
    Tree is hanging over on our side. Too much debris is dropped on our side and makes it hard to walk to our gate.
  • Other Archived
    342 S Catalina St Gilbert, Arizona - Gilbert
    The odor of sewer gas is making life unbearable! It's been a long time problem off Hackamore from Gilbert Rd to just past Catalina St. We can no longer leave a window or door open or enjoy our yards because of the stench!
  • 372-398 S Ocean Dr Gilbert, AZ 85233, USA - Gilbert
    Work trailer parked on street for several days.
  • 1071 N Golden Key St Gilbert, AZ 85233, USA - Gilbert
    alot of children play in this park ... need speed bump in both side of the curve and signed to slow down ..every day there is chance one of the kids may get Hurt