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  • 12 S. Cliff St Ansonia, Connecticut - Ansonia
    Yesterday my trash and recycling were thrown in the same truck. If winter Bros. can throw both in the same truck why am I bothering to rinse and separate. Everyone should be appalled at this. Let's start taking pictures. I'm sure we pay them to do both pick ups separately.
  • 525 E Main Farrel N Main Corner Ansonia, CT - Ansonia
    Are the Buildings that are legally under the oversight of the town of Ansonia CT, as private home ownership is,
    Located at approximately 525 East Main St and the Farrel corner of Main and North Main Street,
    In postion to dodge current blight laws developed by your town in the valley? You have to admit the visual on these buildings look far worse than the River Side Apartments making state news for removal. We were eating in your town one evening and decided to take a walk after dinner prior to driving out of town and back home. I in sandals managed to get my foot scraped by broken glass from debris from one of these buildings.
    See attached pics by way of what everyone on the world-wide-web is seeing post-carded as one of your city focal points.
  • Stop Sign Archived
    N State St Ansonia, CT - Ansonia
    people speed and fly through the stop sign at n state st and state st. If a cop sat there for a week and ticketed folks, we wouldnt need the 8% tax increase ...
  • City Website Archived
    253 Main Street Ansonia, Connecticut - Ansonia
    This administration takes way too long to post the minutes from the monthly meetings. Here we are at the end of April and we still do not have the minutes posted from this month's Aldermen's meeting which takes place on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. In addition, the links to the minutes that do exist should be made easier to read/clarified.
  • 548 Main Street Ansonia, CT - Ansonia

    This seems to be the best place to report problems or questions and others can chime in.

    I don't often drive to downtown Ansonia but I had to this morning for an appointment. I was amazed to see this burned out commercial building STILL standing and not repaired. Wasn't it pretty much destroyed YEARS ago?

    I found this photo online (it's a little dated) and the address so I am sorry if I have the number wrong but I'm sure it's well known and the building pretty much looks the same except the plywood on the windows has been painted red.. as if this was to improve it.

    It also had a sign in front of it last fall that I see is still there "NEW STORES COMING". Really!? What new stores? What leases are signed? When is construction beginning?

    Is the City of Ansonia does not consider this blight that needs immediate attention (ie: tear down the building or complete the renovations the signage promises) than I don't know what is.

    This is how we want people welcomes to downtown? Not that the vacant Healey Ford building doesn't need attention pronto also, but it's not this bad.

  • Pershing Drive Ansonia, CT - Ansonia

    I can't say this is an "issue" but I can't find a single work in the media (online or off) about what is about to happen at the corner of Pershing and Division in Ansonia. This would be the entire around AROUND Cumberland Farms.

    I noted a construction fence had been put up around the house and storefront across from CVS where "Bell and Beep" used to be located. It appears there are plans to take down that properly. That is normally what such fences are put up for.

    I then spotted this same fence now wraps around the house on Division Street that sits on the hill right behind Cumberland Farms. Both homes appear to be vacant and in poor condition so I trust this means both properties are being torn down by someone, for something.

    Of course, this raises the question of Cumberland Farms. How one demolishes a home behind and next to CF without effecting that business or how on earth you would build another new business WRAPPING AROUND Cumberland Farms escapes me.

    I see nothing about an application for demolition, an approved new construction project, etc. I love when the media "skips" stories like this.

    Can anyone shed light on what is going on?

  • Corner Of Hull And Wakelee Ansonia, Connecticut - Ansonia
    If your pulling out of Hull street to take a left turn on to Wakelee, you can look right and there is a refrigerator size ATT phone connection box mounted to the base of the telephone pole. The view of on coming cars are block for 1 to 3 seconds. I look to the left and then the right, see no cars, start to pull out to make a left turn and then see that there was a car coming from my right.
  • Olson Drive And Lester St ansonia, ct - Ansonia
    Is it only me who notices this? The hill/cliff behind the first olson dr building knocked down is strewn with garbage and debris. This area is now readily visible now that the building is gone. This is so depressing to see this area in this state. Why is nothing being done about it? If the city of Ansonia doesn't want to clean it up then make the property owners on lester st liable. Tell them to clean this up immediately or face a stiff penalty. If the owners don't have the means to do it then the city should help them. Am I the only one that cares about it?
  • 23 Beverly Dr. Ansonia, Connecticut - Ansonia
    Generally everyone in our neighborhood takes great pride in maintaining our properties. However, this one in particular is disgusting. As the warmer weather is fast approaching, the neighborhood will once again be greeted with the foul smell and physical appearance on how this property is poorly maintained. Over grown grass, to three years of leaves not cleaned up (if not more) and garbage littering everyone's yards. From what can be seen on the outside, the inside is even worse. Been told by others, of possible hoarding conditions and an overpowering stench of urine and fleas inside. This property, makes the foreclosure on the street, look pristine. This can not be ignored any longer.
  • 557 Wakelee Ave. Ansonia, CT - Ansonia
    Restaurant, currently operating as Molto Bene, broadcasting extremely loud music outdoors at night, sometimes past 1am. Sometimes loud enough to hear a mile away. West side neighbors should not be subjected to this obnoxious noise level on a constant basis. Property values are bad enough as it is.
  • 36 Main Street Ansonia, CT - Ansonia

    Twice in the last month I have seen cars almost be sideswiped when trying to turn left from Main Street in Ansonia onto Rt. 334 in front of the Housing Authority. For reasons that boggle the mind, the signal does not allow ANY right of way for vehicles who wish to turn left and pass over the bridge on 334 to make their turn. The light turns green and then red again for both sides of Main Street at the same time.

    This means those wanting to turn onto 334 have to either "gun it" when the light turns green to get onto 334 before oncoming traffic starts to flow down main, dive between cars that come flying down from the opposite direction and turn right into 334 or have to run the intersection as the light turns yellow before 334 traffic flows onto main. At no time if traffic continues to flow on Main without a break are you given an error before or after the red to make a safe turn. Whose idea was this?! How can it be fixed?!

  • 5 Pershing Dr Ansonia, Connecticut - Ansonia

    I hope I am not the first to notice this, but I have already witnessed it several times and it's very dangerous.

    The new Cumberland Farms does much more business than the old (as it should) and the traffic coming in and out of the new lot is heavy.

    Unlike the old store, there is now a two way exit onto Division on the hill. I know the old store had a smaller exit there, but it didn't get the car count this one does.

    In any event, people are trying to exit on Division and make a LEFT turn towards Pershing. This move is almost impossible during peak hours and very dangerous. I have seen cars try and force themselves out and block division flowing uphill as they wait for an opening at the intersection and, even worse, pull out into the turn only lane that is meant to take traffic towards CVS and then "gun it" to go straight when the light turns green to beat the cue of traffic that was waiting for a green signal to legally go straight.

    There is going to be a major collision in the intersection from someone trying to go straight from the turn lane or someone getting hit broadside trying to rush across Division with cars flowing in a very busy stretch of road.

    Like Stop & Shop, I firmly believe the exit onto Division must be "right turn only" before someone is injured or worse. A left turn is not allowed at Stop & Shop and should never have been permitted when the Cumberland Farms plans were approved because they can be an even more dangerous area.

    How does this get studied and corrected?