HPL Collier Regional Library Civic Engagement

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This watch was designed as part of the Houston Public Library's Civic Engagement Series for the service area of the Collier Regional Library in the Northwest. The Collier Regional Library promotes civic engagement by hosting monthly events for community members to gather, discuss, and share resources to improve the quality of life for all in this community.

Notified About

  • 3930-3990 Costa Rica Road Houston, Texas - Northwest
    There are many lights out in Mangum Manor Park. Some need a new bulb, some need a new ballast. The ones mounted on power poles are supposedly the responsibility of Centerpoint but when I call them or go to their website they say they only deal with streetlights. Please, someone from the city call them to get it straightened out. Some of the lights in Mangum Manor Park have been out for months if not years as Centerpoint won't listen to me. Many kids play here late, many adults come early to work out, this needs to be a safe and well-lit park and to discourage drug dealers and other such activity.
  • 3801 Mangum Rd Houston, TX 77092, USA - Northwest
    Large recliner sofa has been dumped on the south side of Big Bear, located at 3801 Mangum. The next heavy trash pick up from the city is not scheduled until June 27
  • 3815 Costa Rica Rd Houston, TX 77092, USA - Northwest
    Major remodel work done without permit.
  • Traffic Signs Acknowledged
    3901 Bolivia Boulevard Houston, Texas - Northwest
    Stop sign at Saxon and Bolivia is down.
  • 5010 Libbey Lane Houston, TX 77092, USA - Northwest
    Two of the cars are broke down. Two dogs are chained in the front yard and bark constantly. There are more dogs in the garage. There is a smell of dog feces that comes from that house across the neighborhood. We have seen rats running in the yard. Also we have seen this neighbor running a hose from the house to the water meter in the corner of his yard.
  • 3741 Mangum Road Houston, Texas - Northwest
    Illegal/Unlicensed Lodging Facility in operation.
    No permit inspection and no occupancy permit for a Lodging Facility on file/recorded. Please investigate this facility.
  • 3825 Mangum Rd Houston, TX 77092, USA - Northwest
  • 4900-4910 Saxon Dr Houston, TX 77092, USA - Northwest
  • 3910 Antoine Dr Houston, TX 77092, USA - Northwest
    Residents living on Antione have been repeatedly dumping palm tree branches creating a large pile. The pile allows for vines to grow up the power line and has twice knocked out the power, and once blew the transformer. People who ride the bus use the pile as a place to use the restroom when the exiting the bus....leaving trash and human waste.
  • 6275-6389 Pinemont Drive Houston, TX 77092, USA - Northwest
    The professional building across the street from Collier Regional library has constantly been in disrepair since we moved to the area five years ago, and it is progressively worse each year: siding is detaching from exterior, all weeds left months before mowing, no landscaping, graffiti on dumpster, which is wide open to public view. The biggest eye sore is the rusting sign pole (I have never seen a sign on top of the post) which serves no purpose anymore -- it needs to be removed.
  • 4806 Lido Lane Houston, TX 77092, USA - Northwest
    This property was reported the 1st of July 2012, non licensed vehicle, boat and bricks in the driveway. A pile of wood in the front yard where rats are running crazy. How long is it going to take to have this cleaned up?
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    5022 Saxon Drive Houston, Texas - Northwest
    Dumped industrial air handler and metal container(contents unknown)