Colonial Heights

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Colonial Heights and surrounding area, Canton, Ohio

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  • 1906 Harrisburg Rd Ne Canton, Ohio - Canton
    I drive past this abandoned building on my way to work every day. the roof is caved in, people use it as a dump site and it has been empty for as long as I can remember. I am CONCERNED that it is within walking distance of 3 schools...a building like this can be a "kid magnet" and a child could be seriously injured if entering the building (i.e like on a 'dare'). I believe it's been on a demo list for over 3 years? It's time this place was torn down for the safety of children and the beautification of the neighborhood!
  • 1906 Harrisburg Rd Ne Canton, Ohio - Canton
    It has to come down even if money for commercial demo cannot be gotten through state funds. We brought em down before. This one has to come down in 2014. It is collapsing, can be accessed, and is a major blight at a key intersection.
  • 1749 Market Ave N Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Guess we're back to holding their hands .... Let's get this cleaned up ... and that doesn't mean take it over to the vacant lot behind 117 17th NE .... This also means don't load the dumpster so far over the top that the driver won't take it either :) This has sat here long enough now without them taking care of it on their own. Burick & Burns .... PLEASE .... let's keep our neighborhood looking nice :)
  • 117 17th St Ne Canton, Ohio - Canton

    Just like a bad movie trailer......

    "Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water!"

    Bet you can guess who ... the vacant paved parking lot behind his house has a nice pile of a clean out from one of his numerous apartments. Figured we can start with property clean up and then pass it off to zoning ..... again.

    One of the things I just love about Canton .... if you're a heavy industrial piece of property you think it should be white glove clean. If you're running a garbage transfer station out of a vacant lot that you don't even pay the taxes on one of the main entrances to the city .... well we just love that :)

    I'm not sure why I even bother except that I'm so damned stubborn. So ... please make him clean up again. I'm sure you're tired of hearing from me on the subject. And remember to vote for him for Council at Large in the next election so the entire city can look like this :)

    Thanks once again.

  • 1749 Market Ave N Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Could code do an exterior inspection of this complex please. Gutters are falling down and full. The stairs leading up on both sides need checked for tenant safety (above and below). Also the front porch railings are in deplorable condition. Thank you :) Can an interior inspection be done also since this is a large apt unit to insure the unit is up to code for the tenants? Let's keep on improving Vassar Park Neighborhood :)
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    1209 21st St Ne Canton, OH 44714, USA - Canton

    Something has to be done with this. Children walk to school on these sidewalks. They could fall and hurt themselves on these rocks/cinder blocks. Cars can be damaged from hitting these. "No parking" signs on orange cones on a public street. This is hurting our neighborhood and home values with this eye sore of a property.

    City of Canton, Do you care?

  • 1749 Market Ave N Canton, Ohio - Canton
    South side of building ... stairs leading up stairs have a lot of rot and unsafe.
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    1906 Harrisburg Rd Ne Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Roof has collapsed even more. Children are accessing building, trash is being left. The collapse is most worrisome. Needs to come down ASAP.
  • 804 22nd St Ne Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Huge slabs of exterior plaster are peeling away from this house---the foundation wall of the back porch is also shifting away from the porch. Neighborhood kids play around this house and either of these two dangerous conditions could result in serious injury or worse--HOW MUCH LONGER DOES THE BANK HAVE TO COMPLY WITH ORDERS TO CLEAN UP AND MAKE THIS PROPERTY SAFE?
  • Health Hazard Archived
    1715 Gibbs Ne Canton, Ohio - Canton
    This property has been reported for this issue several times. Bags and bags of food trash are kept in their garage and not put out everytime on trash day. On hot days i cant even turn my a/c on without the stench coming thru my vents. Now the yard is over run by rodents, racoons and possums in the daytime even. Possums cant even see in the daytime so they must be following the stench of trash.
    Neighbors should not have to keeps putting rat poison out let alone having these other animals run thru the yards. It makes you afraid to even walk to your car. The landlord of this property needs to address this issue or be fined due to the tenants constantly doing this No one should have to live around this. Once the city gives them a notice it stops for a couple of weeks then it starts right back up again.This is absoutely a health hazzard!!!
  • Health Hazard Archived
    2234 St Elmo Ave Ne Canton, OH 44714, USA - Canton
    theres a giant open swimming pool at this property with no water in it, and now there is no fence around it. it is a hazard.
  • 1423 22nd St Ne Canton, OH 44714, USA - Canton
    House all overgrown and eyesore to neighborhood. Slumlord