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This is a watch area created to connect a community of concerned citizens around the Mill River. Please follow this watch area if you'd like to receive notices when neighbors post issues in this area.

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  • Fair Haven New Haven, CT, USA - Mill River

    Along the East bank of the Mill River between State Street and Humphrey Street along the Western property line of the old CT Transit site lies a great trail opportunity with little upfront cost to tax-payers.

    Readying this connection for a trail will pave the way for recreational access between East Rock Park and Grand Avenue.

    We have spoken with City Plan and City Engineering and it appears that this is a reasonable request and use for the river shores.

    We have also spoken to State Representative Roland Lemar who supports the project and believes that with interest from resident's demonstrated we can get a trail funded here.

    If you would use this area recreationally or would like to see this trail created please vote up this issue and share it with neighbors. As organizers we would like to see that there is real interest(50 or more votes might convince us :) from the community before we organize to push the issue to the State.

    If you have thoughts in support or opposition please add them in the comments!

    Let's make the Mill River something New Haven can be proud of again.

  • Willow St./ Nicoll St. Intersection (East Rock) New Haven/East Rock, Connecticut - East Rock

    Speeding down Willow St. as vehicles come off of I-91 is a major safety concern, especially given the vicinity of East Rock Elementary School and high volume of pedestrian traffic as you enter the residential East Rock neighborhood.

    Suggestions to reduce speeding:

    1) Speed Limit Signs Needed on Willow St. : Currently, there is a noticeable absence of speed limit signs, and none are posted on the east or west bound sides of Willow St. from the stretch from the I-91 exit ramp until after Orange St.

    2) Addition of Stop Signs at Willow/Nicoll St. Intersection: This busy intersection has been a magnet for car and pedestrian accidents for years, and the addition of east and west bound stop signs at the Willow/Nicoll St. intersection could be a quick and inexpensive effort to slow traffic, reduce speeding and hopefully mitigate future accidents. Note: There is currently a traffic light at Willow St./Mitchell Dr., but once past the light, vehicles speed on Willow St. past the Nash St. and Nicoll St. intersections.

  • Willow St./ Nicoll St. Intersection New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    As a major through road, Willow St. (specifically the intersection at Willow St. & Nicoll St.) desperately needs to be repaved and re-marked/re-striped! The road and intersection is laden with uneven pavement, divots and potholes, which are not only hazardous to vehicles and pedestrians, but also result in loud, unnecessary noise in a residential area, especially when large trucks and commercial vehicles speed down Willow St. The very worn out pavement marking and stripping at the intersection is also a hazard to pedestrians as speeding cars are not properly signaled that they are driving through a very busy pedestrian crossing area.
  • Drug Traffic Archived
    Simple "1 car, 2 car"; drug deals happening at all hours along nicoll st. just around the corner from the shell gas station. I personally see 15 or more per day.
  • Schools Archived
    181 Mitchell Dr New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock
    Reinstate Cross High School student council leadership elections
  • 1055-1079 State St New Haven, CT - East Rock
    The State St. Bridge, over the Mill River, is now going on two years past its completion date. The city engineering department claimed that they would start working on a plan, in December 2011, to solve the water pollution issue, which has delayed the bridge reconstruction. Any progress on that plan?
    Because State St. is closed, and Trumbull St. is now only one way, heading West, Willow St. has become a traffic nightmare and a public safety issue.
    On Tuesday evening, because of the city's poor planning, the usual evening traffic jam, on Willow St. caused a major public safety issue, when two New Haven police cars, heading West (on Willow), and two New Haven Fire trucks, heading East (also on Willow), were stuck for at least five minutes, while car commuters totally blocked both lanes, preventing anyone from moving. Willow St. cannot handle thousands of cars per day. The noise pollution, air pollution, speeding, traffic jams and blocking emergency vehicles needs to stop.
    The city needs to get its @ss in gear and fix the State St. Bridge.
  • Nash St. New Haven, CT - East Rock
    The Park on Nash is a beautiful New Haven Greenspace. However, it is not what it was even one year ago. The park is full of trash, and the gravel and footstones are gone. The picnic tables have been completely deconstructed or destroyed, and the gazebo is run down. Perhaps we could re-fix this lot up as a neighborhood activity in order to make it the beautiful spot it once was.
  • Lawrence Street And State Street New Haven, CT - East Rock
    A number of folks have noted traffic safety concerns at this location. At the same time folks have really come to enjoy the pocket park. A kind neighbor has created the following suggestion for how to improve both situations. See attached for his suggestion as well as some temporary measures to pilot the idea.
  • Willow And Nicoll New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock
    Accidents happen frequently at this corner (at least two in the last few days), which is controlled by a 2-way stop sign. Drivers on Nicoll will stop at the stop sign, then proceed assuming incorrectly that the driver on Willow has a stop sign as well. At the very least, the stop signs on Willow should carry an indication that crossing traffic does not stop, but a 4-way stop is the better solution at an intersection where people tend to barrel down Willow at an unsafe speed.
  • Interstate 91 New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock

    There has been no update from the State or the City on timeline for opening the bridge which is long past due. Work has not happened in a while either.

    Small businesses on State Street are being effected by this and neighbors are not being kept informed.

  • 140 Nash Street New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock

    Property at 140 Nash Street is a hazard, the interior seems to be filled with trash (floor to ceiling in some windows observed at night). It should be investigated for unsafe living conditions.

    Also an abandoned unregistered vehicle filled with garbage is parked in the front yard.

    This house is not safe for its occupants and is a blight on the whole neighborhood and city.

  • drug dealing Archived
    5-25 Canner Street New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    Drug deals throughout the day on Canner St between Nicoll and Foster St. Buyers will park and wait in their car, then the seller will drive through for sometimes multiple transactions. 5-10 transactions a day is average-and this is just when I'm at home to witness it.