redneck haven

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Area bordered by Dave Ward Drive and Salem Road to Nutter's Chapel south to Old Military, south to purposed Conway Loop.

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  • 1100 Amity Rd Conway, AR 72032, USA - Conway

    Route Exit 129A traffic directly onto Amity, so those drivers will have equality at traffic light as those on Dave Ward or already on Amity.

    Commuting from Little Rock to Middle Rd, I must fight to merge into traffic with others waiting at light heading East on Dave Ward across Amity.

  • Chenal Parkway Little Rock, AR 72223, USA - Little Rock
    All up and down Chenal Parkway are multiple potholes. Once you miss one you are on top of another.
  • 1601-1817 Stanley Russ Rd Conway, AR 72034, USA - Conway
    The full length of Stanley Russ has poor patch places, increased pot holes and the road is very rough with the increased traffic from HP and surrounding new home additions.
  • 3rd And Vine St Alexander ar 72002 - Alexander
    dip caused by always settling drain culvert that runs under the road
  • 3211 Mattison Road Conway, AR - Faulkner County
    The ditches in this area haven't been cleaned out in so long that tree's grow up in them. When we get a little rain it isn't so but but when we get a lot the road floods eating up the edge of the roadbed. Also the grass has grown up into the edge of the road bed causing the water to pool on the road instead of draining into the ditch. This causes a hazard after any rain fall as the the water is left on the road bed itself.
  • 1155 Mattison Rd Conway, AR 72034, USA - Conway
    These holes are big enough to bury small animals in.
  • Tory Ct Little Rock, AR 72211, USA - Rock Creek
    stop sign at Tory Court, entering Wetherborne Drive is missing. constuction vehicles just roar out into the street without stopping. Dangerous at that corner.
  • 1001 Mcnutt Road Conway, Arkansas - Conway
    Right before you get to the trailer park there is a huge bump in the road. It has been this way for over 5-10 years now. It was made when utilities were hooked up for the trailer company along that road. The city filled in the hole so they need to come fix it. The whole road needs to be fixed just like so many.
  • 1763 Wellington Village Rd Little Rock, AR 72211, USA - Rock Creek
    Wetherborne Dr. intersects Loyola Dr. in two places. At the western most intersection, STREET NAME SIGN IS MISSING. At the easternmost intersection, STOP SIGN IS MISSING. It has been 99 days since reported. PLEASE!!!!
  • 3200-3286 Donnell Ridge Rd Conway, AR 72034, USA - Conway
    The stop sign when heading east on Donnell Ridge Rd is hidden by bushes and there is no sign showing a stop ahead. Someone who does not know the area can very easily miss the stop sign.
  • 20021-20343 Chenal Pkwy Little Rock, AR 72223, USA - Little Rock
    There is a pothole in the middle of Chenal Pkwy right where you turn off Chenonceau. Every time you turn left onto Chenal Pkwy from Chenonceau you drop in this pothole. Please fix!
  • 3301-3385 Nutter Chapel Road Conway, AR - Faulkner County
    From Deerbrook Drive to Dave Ward Drive needs to be repaved. We were told no paving would be done until the school and road widening on Nutters Chapel to Old Military Road was completed. The city is big on building round abouts but can't fathom the idea of paving the city streets that we already have.