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  • 56th And Adeline Oakland, California - Santa Fe

    Adeline Street in Oakland from the Emeryville border north to 61st Street is being repaved and re-striped with a road diet and buffered bicycle lanes (great!), but no new marked crosswalks are being added along this entire stretch as part of the project, even though they are warranted by the city's own design policies (See

    The city's crosswalk decision matrix recommends marked crosswalks be installed when there is a gap between existing crosswalks of 900 feet or more. The existing gap between the marked crosswalks at 54th and Market is over 1100 feet and the gap from Market to 61st is over 1600 feet.

    As such, I am requesting that three new crosswalks be striped across Adeline at 56th, Arlington, and 59th Streets. None of these streets are skewed or T intersections, so no parking spots will need to be removed or curb ramps will need to be added in order to stripe the crosswalks there. The crosswalks can either be at the north or south leg of these intersections (or both), based on sight lines or other design criteria.

  • 5201 West St NW corner of 52nd Street and West Streets, Oakland, CA - Santa Fe
    Street Light has been out at the NW corner of 52nd Street & West Street, in front of 802 52nd St. Helen McGregor Park at the NE corner of the same intersection has been the location of much crime. Also within 100 feet on both West and also on 52nd Streets are known to OPD drug houses. Please make this street light a priority, for the sake of reducing crime. This intersection is also close to Children's Hospital, and patrons and employees of the Hospital park near this intersection. Please correct this safety issue.
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    52nd And Genoa St Oakland Ca - Santa Fe
    mattress dumped a few days ago. now the pile is growing.
  • Driver Plaza Oakland, California - Santa Fe
    Driver Plaza needs help from every city agency. It is frequently the site of all-day drinking fests, the trees are dying from the daily, constant urination by the drunks who party there, and the tree planters are giant garbage cans where the drunks throw their cigarette butts, liquor bottles, needles, cans, and other nasty garbage. The bus stop glass is frequently shattered by drunk, angry people. Families try to walk their dogs and children through the gross mess and cyclists try to navigate this bike corridor without getting flats from all the broken glass.
  • 838 53rd Street Oakland, California - Santa Fe

    Peeling paint, overflowing garbage cans placed on the sidewalk DAYS in advance of regular pick-up, cans left on the curb days AFTER pick-up, used condoms in the gutter, recyclables strewn in the front driveway at the bottom of the staircase.

    This location is also a known hotspot for drug dealing and prostitution.

  • 838 53rd St Oakland, California - Santa Fe

    There are crack houses, there are serious crack houses, and then there is the wonder that is 838 53rd st. If there was a video game where at the end of each level you battled against a crack house, 838 53rd st would be the final boss and it would be so hard that even the most skilled gamers would thrown down their controllers in defeat.
    Fencing of stolen goods? YES!
    Underage prostitution! HELL YES!
    People yelling and fighting in the street at all hours! YOU BECHA!

    There are often so many people buying crack at once that it creates a backlog of traffic in the street, like a well established drive-thru crack restaurant with a full menu of illegal wares. Apparently this is A-OK with the city of Oakland because this crack house has been growing at an alarming pace despite numerous reports from neighbors.

  • 52nd Street And Genoa Street oakland, CA - Santa Fe
    Mattress dumped at the southeast corner of 52nd and Genoa Streets. It's been there for over a week. Could you please remove? we are celebrating National Night Out on our block, and most of Genoa Street on Tuesday August 6th. Would be so nice to have that mattress out of the way. Thank you!
  • 61st And Adeline Driver Plaza, Oakland, CA - Santa Fe
    Continued dumping of refuse, trash, liquor bottles and heroin needles in Plaza Driver.
  • 838 53rd Street Oakland, California - Santa Fe
    I've seen a lot of traffic around this house. I've been living in the neighboorhood for a year and the traffic of characters has escalated and are now more blatant than ever. Please fix this issue Oakland PD.
  • 838 53rd Street Oakland, CA 94608, USA - Santa Fe
    Furniture dumped by the crackheads living at 838 53rd Street...AGAIN!!!
  • Other Archived
    6050 Lowell Street Oakland, CA 94608, USA - Santa Fe
    RV parked in same location on a city street for more than a week; RV is lifted on a jack and is undriveable; junk and trash accumulating around the vehicle.
  • 5217 West Street Oakland, CA 94608, USA - Santa Fe
    At 52nd & West St, SW corner, box spring.