Town of Oyster Bay

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John Venditto

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  • 42 Acorn Lane Plainview, New York - Plainview
    The street light in front of 42 Acorn Lane is out. The light bulb needs to be replaced.
  • 48 Acorn Lane Plainview, New York - Plainview
    The grass along Acorn Lane between Chestnut and South Oaks Road is overgrown and not maintained by the county who owns the property. It is a walking hazard and has blocked the safe passage along the sidewalk.
  • Pot Holes Archived
    26 Myron Road Plainview, New York - Plainview
    There are 2 pot holes in the street in front of this address. Please repair. There is also a small pot hole, bound to get bigger, at the south side of Myron at the cross street of Felice,
  • 79 Winthrop Rd. Plainview, NY - Plainview
    The street light is out in front of our house. It has been out for months, and quite dark during evening hours.
  • 2 Harvard Dr Woodbury, NY 11797, USA - Plainview
    there were repairs done in and around harvard drive.. thanks but the area originally reported was not repaired. its the corner of washington ave and harvard drive NORTH. right off corner and across from the church. they paved washington ave this past year but the turn onto harvard drive north is all broken up and has big hole by metal water plate. THANKS
  • 8-10 Sagamore St Plainview, NY - Plainview

    Hi the street light on the pole between 8 and 10 Sagamore st in Plainview Xstreet Sunnyside Blvd was fixed last week (thank you ) and then about 24 hrs later it has not been working since the fix.

    If you can see what the issue is we would appreciate it and thank you for the fast initial fix

  • Stop sign Archived
    49-61 Gerhard Road Plainview, NY 11803, USA - Plainview
    Somewhere around there,there is a stop sign. I keep on passing it cause there is no line. The stop sign is new but there should b a line there. Alot of cars pass also not knowing
  • 1 Debora Drive Plainview, NY 11803, USA - Plainview
    Should b a stop sign line Drrivers keep on passing without knowing
  • Pothole Open
    N. Service Rd. Plainview NY, USA - Plainview
    Several holes in pavement, entire service road needs repaving
  • 142 Orchard Street Plainview, NY - Plainview
    I have left 3 messages over the past month regarding the light post in front of my house being out. It has created a dangerous condition due to the lack of light. No response from the TOB as well. I'm sure my tax bill will be on time!
  • 15-51 Glen Dr Plainview, NY 11803, USA - Plainview
  • Intersection Of South Service Rd And Washington Ave Plainview, New York - Plainview
    There are multiple street lights out near the south service road on Washington ave. The first is at the intersection of these two roads. If you turn right from the south service rd on to Washington Ave there are two or three others also out. This is a hazard at night and must be fixed!