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John Venditto

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  • Woodbury Road And Venus Road Syosset NY - Plainview
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  • Northern State Pkwy Woodbury, NY 11797, USA - Plainview
    Sunday 8pm 02/28/2010 - Massive Pothole located in the fast lane heading Eastbound on the NSP. Specifically just West of Sunnyside Blvd, Exit 38, in Plainview. Caused tire blow out and damage to rim
  • Woodbury Road And Venus Road Syosset NY - Plainview
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  • 10 Sagamore Street/Maria Court Plainview, New York - Plainview

    Corner of Maria Ct and Sagamore St there is a 7 foot section of street with 5 or so potholes staggered

    Several people walking have nearly tripped over it and drivers are constantly smashing in it

  • Pot Hole Archived
    515 Plainview Road Plainview, New York - Plainview
    Pot Hole across from Pamper Cleaners on OBR going North
  • Plainview NY, USA - Plainview
    Exit/Entrance Ramp from 135 to Northen State Eastbound - needs to be repaved or 10-15 deep potholes filled. There are ~ 40 smaller pot holes along the lane divides there.
  • Litter Open
    Plainview Road PLAINVIEW, NEW YORK - Plainview
    There is an incredible amount of litter along Plainview Road, going south, beginning at the intersection of Myron Road, across from Borella Park as well as across from Charles Campagne School. Would greatly appreciate a clean-up crew be sent. Thank you.
  • 4 Fordham Drive Plainview, NY - Plainview
    The street light is out in front of my garage at 4 frodham drive, Plainview. It has been out for a long time.
  • 10 Sagamore St Plainview, NY - Plainview

    Hi the street light on the pole between 8 and 10 Sagamore st in Plainview Xstreet Sunnyside Blvd has been out for days now.

    If you can address this when possible it would be great

  • Woodbury Road And Venus Road Syosset NY - Syosset
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  • Long Island Expy Plainview, NY 11803, USA - Plainview

    There is effectly a speed bump that runs across the eastbound lanes just west of exit 48 Round swamp road.

    When ever you hit it, it feels like the front end of you car is coming off.

  • Pot Holes Archived
    32 Myron Rd Plainview, NY, 11803, USA - Plainview
    Several small potholes on Myron Road from Plainview Road up through Felice.