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  • 315 Hyde St San Francisco, CA 94109, USA - Downtown
    Open air drug dealing all day and night in this Hyde block between Eddy and Ellis.
  • 79 Hickory St San Francisco, CA - Civic Center Community Benefit District
    The upper-right window of this SRO from Hickory St. is the best place to get hella drugs, apparently.
  • 1003 Post Street San Francisco, CA 94109, USA - Downtown
    The last time my room was treated for.bed bugs, by a hotel employee, he flipped the box spring over & the Manager & I saw the corners covered in black nests. He treated the box spring & now they are taking over the bed, again.
    I reported this to the same manager & asked for a new box spring Sunday morning. Today is Tuesday & I still have the same spotty box spring. I've missed a day of work for lack of sleep & anxiety. Please help.
    CALIFORNIA HOTEL resident, 910-924 Geary St. Unit # 51.
    Domethra L. Ray
  • 1105 Larkin Street San Francisco, California - Downtown
    i posted about the harcourts unfair practice of forcing tenants out in may and august of 2013. i was unable to post about the circumstances that followed due being displaced until now. the events that follwed my last post on 8-06-2013 sums the intrusive , sneaky & underhanded antics of Gallo (the onsite manager ) . i refused to leave in august. they let a friend of mine put the room in his name, we have a 5 yr. old child who was registered to begin kindergarden at redding elementary which is 1 blk. from the harcourt.A few days after gallo agreed on this, recieved and accepted the rent payment, he illegally entered the unit without notice when he saw me and my stepdaughter leave to meet her dad for lunch. He took all of our belongings and placed them in the hallway , we lost anything of value including 3 new laptops and a new printer, my stepdaughters new school wardrobe , almost all of our clothes, and to add insult to injury he put my cat, a regisered service animal in a storage unit that was filthy and had an opening were she could have escaped outside into traffic. We had very little left and since he had accepted our rent for the week, we had no money to go elsewhere,he was very rude and has not a bit of compassion , behaved like a thug. This incident left our family feeling like we were emotionally raped and burglarized of things we worked hard to obtain, not to mention my stepdaughter never unpacks her belongings, a small suitcase of her belongings is as much a mainstaple as her school backpack is in her life.
  • Housing Conditions Acknowledged
    270 Mcallister Street San Francisco, CA 94115, USA - Civic Center Community Benefit District
    Update with picture from 3rd floor bathroom. I am afraid all four floors are becoming this bad with mildew and mold.
  • Hayes And Van Ness San Francisco, CA - Civic Center Community Benefit District

    Attempting to cross 6 lanes of high-speed traffic without any idea how much longer you'll have the right of way seems a little nuts to me.

    Unfortunately, that's what we pedestrians are expected to do when crossing busy Van Ness Street on Hayes. The tiny, two-lane Hayes Street crossing gets a pedestrian walk light, but all we get on 6-lane Van Ness is a crosswalk and a blind hope that we'll at least make it to the median in time.

  • 18 Shannon St San Francisco, CA 94102 - Downtown
    Derelict buildings on Ofarrell St. (former home of Naan N' Curry) are a magnate for loitering, prostitution and public drug use.
  • 1020-1030 Post Street San Francisco, CA 94109, USA - Downtown
    Used needles. Biohazard waste.
  • 581 Eddy Street San Francisco, CA 94109, USA - Downtown
    I took this photo just now and this is a fat bedbug. Its full of blood. I've woken up to find blood spots on my sheets.
  • 1105 Larkin Street San Francisco, California - Downtown
    today is my 28th day at the harcourt. i tried to pay rent and they refused to accept it. i work 6 days a week and spend alot of time caring for my 4 y.o. step daughter. i am never late paying my rent.i currently have a brace on my arm due to a sprained wrist , so i physically cant move most of my belongings to another location . i was given no warning . no one mentioned me having to move until today when my rent was refused . i had just gotten home from work ,had my stepdaughter with me and was told i had to check out and now here i am with all of my posessions unpacked , my cat,and we have nowhere to go .
  • 815 O'Farrell St San Francisco, CA - Downtown
    Dealers stand on the corner by the store or in the bus stop. Buyers will walk up and some drive up. Many cabs will pull up near the corner, the dealer will get in the back of the cab for a few minutes, then exit the cab. The cab will then drive off.
  • 39-99 Fell St San Francisco, CA 94102, USA - Civic Center Community Benefit District
    Trash receptacle needed on Van Ness btw Hayes and Fell St heading south toward Market St. There is no trash receptacle currently there and one is desperately needed.