Arts District

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Oakland's arts district

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  • 2001-2099 M.L.K. Jr Way Oakland, CA 94612, USA - San Pablo Gateway
    Trash left by homeless on sidewalk
  • 500-534 19th St Oakland, California - Downtown
    How'd did Oakland let Uptown Art Park become an illegal parking lot? Can the city please stop this? The cars are damaging the sidewalk, it's cracked up and the utility boxes in the sidewalk are sagging and have become a tripping hazard.
  • 604-648 23rd Street Oakland, California - Northgate
    We need street clean up because of the homeless encampment. It is the 23rd Street between Martin Luther King Jr. Way and Northgate Ave.
  • 873 30th Street Oakland, CA 94608, USA - Hoover-Foster
    UPDATE 9/10/14: Last night a MATTRESS was dumped across the street from this disgusting mess of dumped garbage on BOTH SIDES of the street.
    NOTE TO OAKLAND DEPARTMENT OF ILLEGALLY DUMPED WASTE: If you only pick up the reported issues and don't look across the street and ALSO GRAB THE NEW GARBAGE dumped there because of all the other stuff (news flash: dumping attracts more dumping), then your Department will just have to come out again and again to the same sites.
    Please stop wasting gas and resources by allowing this ineffective practice to continue -- attend to both sides of the streets when you are picking up at please! We shouldn't have to put in separate Issues each time for both sides of the same City block. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.
  • 625 23rd St Oakland, California - Northgate

    I live at 625 23rd st., which is enveloped by a homeless encampment. Aside from the tremendous rat/vector problem, and other grave public health threats that this entails, the situation for pedestrians is now incredibly dangerous. There is a high level of reckless driving on 23rd st. and i am not able to safely use the sidewalk walking in either direction on my street. This is due to tents on one side of ,y place and a trailer parked at 605 23rd st. on the other. I cannot use the sidewalk, wlaking in either direction, and I have nearly been hoit by a car on more than one occasion.

    This situation calls for immediate intervention.

    Matthew Gagliardi

  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    734 30th Street Oakland, CA 94609, USA - Hoover-Foster
    Massive pile of furniture and trash
  • 650-662 27th St Oakland, CA 94612, USA - Hoover-Foster
  • 661 27th St Oakland 94612, United States - Hoover-Foster
    Stripped car
  • 604-648 23rd St Oakland, California - Northgate
    The dumping on this block is a public health hazard. The block is essentially a city dump. Every weekday I get angry seeing that parents have to walk their kids out into the street to get them through this block due to all the junk on the sidewalk. This is in the middle of our city and not out in some industrial area. Public Works, please organize a solution for our community.
  • Homeless Encampment Acknowledged
    600-646 30th Street Oakland, California - Hoover-Foster
    Illegal camper setting up new tent. Nearby minivan seems part of camp.
  • 561-649 29th Street Oakland, California - Pill Hill
    The biggest festering homeless encampment has setup here. This has been hear for months and his now a human health hazard. People urinating/defecating in the neighborhood.
  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    561 29th St Oakland 94609, United States - Pill Hill
    There are now 2 tents under the overpass between telegraph and MLK on 29th. This area was cleared in 2017 due to ADA access. Trash is accumulating and getting worse by the day.