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  • homeless Archived
    Hedingham Blvd. Raleigh, NC - Raleigh Council District C
    Near the intersection of Hedingham Blvd and Corporation Pkwy there are homeless folks living in the woods. This would not be a problem except they hoard mountains of refuse in the wooded areas visible from the street. In one spot there are remnants of a site along a small brook and the litter is strewn throughout that area. These folks are constantly harassing drivers at the New Hope/Corporation intersection and also leave remnants of their handouts all over the ground.
  • 3215 Capital Boulevard Raleigh, NC - Raleigh Council District B
    There are on a regular basis Homeless people rummaging though the Food Lion Dumpster
  • 8336 Wynewood Ct Raleigh, NC - Raleigh Council District B
    Major potholes in front of this address
  • Bramer Dr Raleigh, North Carolina - Raleigh Council District B

    Torchwood Academy parks its buses (highlighted in red) along Bramer Dr. and obstruct the view of employees leaving the adjacent parking lots.

    The faculty/employees of Torchlight Academy also park along Bramer Dr. and are often far too close to Atlantic Avenue (area highlighted in blue).

    These cars & buses restrict traffic flow along Bramer Dr. and significantly restrict visibility when turning out of adjacent parking lots and when turning left onto Atlantic Avenue from Bramer Dr.

  • Royal Dornaoch Drive Raleigh, NC - Raleigh Council District C

    Hedingham subdivision is full of no parking signs that have been errected by the HOA. The sreets in Hedingham (with the exception of a couple of townhome portions are property of the city, they are not private streets. Therefore any no parking signs errected by the HOA in the public right of way (which all of the signs are) are in violation of by the city's sign ordinance. Streets that have these illegal no parking signs are Royal Dornoch Drive, Royal Troon Drive, Royal Adelaide Way, Oak Tree Way, Liverpool Lane, Ellsmere Lane, and several more. There are so many, it's difficult to name them all. These are not private streets and the HOA has no business trying to enforce parking restrictions on public property. Please have them remove all of the no parking signs that are on the public right of way (which is all of them).

    The address of the homeowner's Association is
    Hedingham Community Assoc
    C/O CAS, INC
    PO BOX 97834
    Raleigh, NC 27624

  • 3128 Atlantic Avenue Raleigh, North Carolina - Raleigh Council District B

    As a resident of Brentwood, this walk- and bike-friendly neighborhood feel isolated by the horrible walk- and bike-hostile throughfares of Atlantic Ave. and Capital Blvd. There doesn't seem to be any safe way to get over or under I-440.

    On Atlantic, there is a partial sidewalk that ends just before the overpass and both north and south bound lanes extend to completely occupy the entirety of the roadway. To make matters worse, any areas on the side of the road which might be passable are unaccessible due to the guard rails. As this overpass is at the top of a hill, any bike rider is completely hidden from view to approaching traffic. Cars are moving at 45mph if they’re adhering to the speed limit (and they are often not travelling much faster than this. To be someone on a bike trying to cut through here to get to the Greenway is terrifying and unsafe.

    Anyone who has ever driven on Capital can see why it would be unsafe for bike riders. The number of pedestrians hit by cars near the Capital and Highwoods intersection speaks to the danger of trying to walk along this road due to the volume, speed, and horrible driving.

    With plans for a park in between the north and southbound lanes of Capital near Crabtree Blvd, I think a pedestrian/cycling bridge, tunnel, or some way to safely travel Capital Blvd is needed. At the very least, a safe bike lane along Atlantic or perhaps between Atlantic and the railroad tracks seems overdue.

  • Lowell Ridge Rd Raleigh, NC - Raleigh Council District B
    All of the entrances to Brighton subdivision have street signs that say "Illegally parked and unauthorized vehicles will be towed..." Also all of the stop signs have small signs affixed to the saying "no parking". These signs have been put there by the HOA. The streets in Brighton subdivision are not private streets so the HOA has no authority to put up or enforce any parking restrictions on what are city streets. Please have the HOA remove all such signs They do not have the authority to put them up and they do not have the authority to enforce them.
  • Neuse River Trail - Raleigh Council District C
  • Braefield Drive And Forestville Rd Raleigh, North Carolina - Northeast

    The HOA in Braefield subdivision in Raleigh NC 27616 has put up illegal "no overnight parking signs". The streets are NOT private streets, the have been handed over to the city. The signs are on the Public Right of way at the intersections of Braefield Drive and Forestville Rd., and Oak Marsh Drive and Forestville Rd. These signs are in violation of several different laws. In addition, the HOA does not have the authority to post or enforce ANY parking restrictions on public (city owned) roads. The HOA Management Company is Tallis 8305 Falls of Neuse Road • Suite 200 • Raleigh, NC 27615
    P.O. Box 99149 Raleigh, NC 27624
    Phone: (919) 878-8787 or Toll Free: (877)-898-2547
    Fax: (919) 376-8800 •

    Please have them remove these signs ASAP.

  • IHOP Driveway Archived
    3009 Capital Blvd. Raleigh, NC - Raleigh Council District B
    Vehicles on Huntleigh Dr. turning left into the IHOP driveway are often blocked by traffic, thus creating a backup extending into Capital Blvd. and can partially block the south bound lane of Capital. A possible solution is that a stop bar painted on the road surface of Huntleigh Dr. could alert traffic to not block the driveway.
  • potholes Archived
    Leven Lane Raleigh, NC - Northeast
    Short neighborhood road with 2 areas within 100 yards of each other that contain tremendous fixing because of various big potholes. Please fix these!
  • Lowell Ridge Road Raleigh, North Carolina - Raleigh Council District B
    There are signs scattered all over Brighton subdivision that read "Illegally parked cars will be towed at owners expense" . These signs are on public streets, not private streets. They are in the public right of way next to the street itself or in some cases at the end of a street that has not yet been cut through and dead ends. They need to be removed immediately. The HOA does not have the authority to enforce parking restrictions of any kind on public right of way streets. When subdivisions give their streets to the local authority they then do not have the right to dictate or enforce any parking restrictions. Only the city and police can enforce parking restrictions and have cars towed for illegal parking on public property. Please make sure the HOA is aware of this and removes the offending signs. None of them is on private property and even if they were, they are unenforceable except on private property, which the streets of Brighton are not and thus should be removed. If my car is towed for being parked outside my house, I will have the HOA and the towing company charged with grand theft auto.