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Watertown Department of Public Works

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  • 162 Pleasant St Watertown, MA 02472 - Watertown
    Pleasant Street from Watertown Square straight out to where it changes over to River Street is an absolute disgrace. driving down the street turns into an obstacle course, some places are impossible to avoid.
  • All Of Dwight Street Watertown, Massachusetts - Watertown
    Dwight Street, off of Sycamore, is a small narrow street that has approx. 10 houses on it. At the end of Dwight Street the road is in complete disrepair with chunks of the road actually missing. Also, at the end of Dwight Street it turns to Thayer. Thayer has some commercial property and as a result of that we have HUGE trucks coming and going from Dwight Street on a daily and regular basis. Many of these trucks have difficulty making the turn from Dwight to Thayer and as a result of caused property damage to fences and have even damaged cars. This is not an unusual occurrence either. What also happens is when a large 18 Wheeler comes down Dwight to make a delivery at Thayer they usually can't make the turn and end up blocking the entire street. This type of situation is extremely dangerous especially if anyone needed to get through for a fire, medical emergency, police emergency, etc. The speed of these vehicles is another concern.
    Is there a way to restrict certain vehicles from coming down such a narrow and small street and to possible divert this traffic to Thayer in Belmont where the road is almost twice as wide and the access to the commercial buildings is much more direct?
  • 67 Spring St Watertown, MA 02472, USA - Watertown
    The town of Watertown instituted no parking on Spring Street where there are businesses that will no longer be able to accomodate workers or customers. This may force them to move out of Watertown, taking tax revenue with them.
  • 340-398 School St Watertown, MA 02472, USA - Watertown
    This road is being used more and more by commuters looking to bypass other heavier traffic areas. Too many speeding vehicles "cutting-through" are not observing posted speed limits. Police should either monitor the area more closely, or the town should consider putting in speed bumps.
  • Most Of Common Street Watertown, MA 02472 - Watertown
    Common Street is a mess! We need to get this street fixed. Between cars parked on the street and people needing to swerve around potholes every 5 feet it's just an accident waiting to happen
  • 75% of Belmont St is littered with nasty potholes.
    Every day is like an off road adventure on this street, but it is even worse this winter!
  • 465-467 Arsenal St Watertown, MA 02472, USA - Watertown

    Arsenal Street in the Arsenal/Watertown Mall area has a whole bunch of closely-spaced mistimed traffic lights.

    The lights give long reds to Arsenal Street traffic, even when there's no cross traffic or opposing left turners. And they're not synchronized, so lights often turn red just as a pack of cars gets there from the previous light.

    It takes much longer than it should to drive through this area, even late in the evening.

    This is especially a problem for the thousands of passengers on the 70/70A bus, who don't have the option of taking an alternate road.

    Please retime these lights!

  • Copeland St Watertown, MA 02472, USA - Watertown
    Why is this gate always locked?
  • 32-38 Standish Road Watertown, MA - Watertown
    The storm water grate is more than an inch higher than the asphalt & every time a snow plow passes, it hits it & dumps any asphalt in the plow on the storm grate blocking it. Last year we called DPW & got on the list for repair but apparently didn't make the cut to get taken care of so it happened again with both recent storms. Notified DPW more than a week ago & a work order was issued to pick up the asphalt & another to patch it. The asphalt is still here & it's not patched despite the warm weather. The broken asphalt already broke our snow blower once, we shouldn't be subject to a repeat. Please find a solution soon.
  • 89-127 Maplewood St Watertown, MA 02472, USA - Watertown
    the speed bumps which are fine except they are the same color as the road and seen too many cars almost go airborne.. anyone with half a brain knows these should of been painted reflective white or yellow so its visible.
  • Sycamore Street Watertown, MA - Watertown
    For the entire portion of Sycamore Street there is only one crosswalk in Watertown on it and that is at the very end where it meets Belmont Street. This is an area with a lot of foot traffic due to the Commuter Rail and buses in Waverly Square. We also have an issue with cars speeding down this street. I think we are long overdue for a crosswalk on Sycamore Street. The ideal spot would be at the half way point between the end of Sycamore Street at Lexington Street in Belmont and where Sycamore ends at Belmont Street in Watertown.
  • Waverly Street Watertown, MA 02472, USA - Watertown
    Street is in awful condition. Many pot holes exist. Where pot holes have been fixed, they have reopened and are worse than before. In order to drive down the street you are zig-zagging across lanes to avoid pot holes, and manhole covers that are exposed.