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Councilwoman Sherri Lightner

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  • La Jolla Shores Dr And Expedition Way La Jolla, CA - La Jolla
    This is a crossing from a workplace (Scripps Inst of Oceanography) to the parking lot, or to the Aquarium. I know there is an overpass, but it is quite a detour. Someone is going to get injured or killed on this crossing one day unless something is done.
  • La Jolla Shores Drive And Naga Way San Diego, California - La Jolla

    There is an MTS bus stop on the east side of La Jolla Shores Drive at Naga Way, but there is no marked crossing for pedestrians to get to the west side of the street.

    Almost all bus riders cross from the east to the west side of La Jolla Shores Dr., because there is literally nothing on the east side of the street: it is a steep, un-landscaped hillside with no trails or buildings. Instead, bus riders cross La Jolla Shores Dr. to the Scripps Institution of Oceanography or the beach.

    Vehicle traffic speeds downhill on La Jolla Shores Dr., and there is minimal street lighting, so crossing the street is dangerous without any marked crosswalk.

    Currently, the options for pedestrians to safely cross La Jolla Shores Drive: 1) walk 0.2 miles south on LJ Shores Drive to the stoplight at El Paseo Grande. However, as there is no sidewalk along this stretch of LJ Shores Drive, this option also seems dangerous. 2) walk 0.2 miles north on La Jolla Shores Drive to the next marked crosswalk. However, this is also the next MTS bus stop, so this option negates the benefit of having an MTS stop at Naga Way.

  • La Jolla Blvd And Sea Ridge San Diego, CA - La Jolla
    The light constantly changes for Sea Ridge when no cars are present.
  • La Jollay Blvd At Palamor Ave San Diego, CA - La Jolla
    The light changes after being green for less then 30 seconds. It is not giving the cars enough time to drive on La Jolla Blvd. Then it takes almost two minutes to turn green again
  • Pearl St. And Draper Ave. La Jolla, CA - La Jolla
    The traffic light timing for the cross street (Draper) is dangerous. Pedestrians crossing Pearl have to wait up to six minutes for the light to change. This results in jaywalking. Also, the timing of lights for cars driving down Pearl promotes speeding. The combination of these two could result in a tragic pedestrian injury/death.
  • Torrey Pines At Dunaway Drive San Diego, CA - La Jolla
    The light here is changing every 30 seconds or so even when there are no cars present.
  • 1356-1398 Muirlands Vista Way La Jolla, CA 92037, USA - La Jolla
    This hole is pretty deep and you can see the underlying concrete and pavement is going to get undermined by rain and abuse and start damaging the whole road soon.
  • POT HOLE Archived
    Calle Del Oro la jolla, CA - La Jolla
    There is a pot hole on the down hill side of Calle del Oro. It is deep enough to blow a tire.
  • Pothole Archived
    1802 Almalfi Street Lajolla California - La Jolla
    Very bad pothole , with high pushed up area that did 6,7 hundred dollars damage to my front left bumper. Does the city pay to fix this?
  • La Jolla Shores And Downwind Drive San Diego, California - La Jolla
    This uphill/downhill street needs police enforcement as drivers do not pay attention to the posted speed limit of 30mph. This street is popular with surfers parking on both sides of the street and it would be great to see more patrols in the area. Pedestrian crossings are installed but drivers rarely stop to let people cross the street. Maybe installing flashing lights at the crossings.
  • Open man hole Archived
    Hidden Valley Road La JOLLA, CA - La Jolla
    There is an open manhole on Hidden Valley road, just before the intersection of Via Capri.
  • 5383 Chelsea Street La Jolla, CA 92037, USA - La Jolla

    Bike route with many runners mixed with traffic. The broken up street gets repaired about once a year and continues to return and grow. The street base needs a rework to make this a permanent repair.

    I am sure the patches are cheaper, so I guess we will have to always have the broken street.

    The picture below, taken 211 days ago, has returned to look about the same.