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  • 1238 Lindenwood Lane Northeast Atlanta, GA 30319, USA - Brookhaven
    north druid hills at lindenwood broken, blocked/dislodged, storm drain cover.
  • 1268-1274 Dresden Drive Northeast Atlanta, GA 30319, USA - Brookhaven
    Something is wrong with this traffic light timing. It is only allowing cars to go through on green for 10 seconds. Counted the 10 seconds on my watch.
  • 2320 Nesbitt Dr Ne Atlanta, Georgia - Brookhaven
    House not being built as shown on plans. But more importantly, parts of the structure are not outside the 7.5 building set back code compliance.
  • 4362 Peachtree Road Brookhaven, Georgia - Brookhaven

    The City of Brookhaven is in violation of state law regarding the proposed property tax hike.

    With home values rising, setting the millage rate at 2.85 mils will result in a tax hike per O.C.G.A. § 48-5-32.1(c)(2).

    In proposing this tax hike, the City has violated state law by:

    1) Failing to post a press release and the required notice on the City website per O.C.G.A. § 48-5-32.1(c)(2), and

    2) Failing to post a press release and the required notice about the tax hike to the City website one week prior to the public meeting per O.C.G.A. § 48-5-32.1(c)(3).

  • Perimeter Center Parkway Northeast Sandy Springs, Georgia - Brookhaven
    There is a large amount of gravel/sand (left over from the ice storm) in the bicycle lane. It is obstructing the bike lane and forcing the bikes to have to ride in the middle of the road.
  • 1504 Stratfield Circle Ne Atlanta, GA - Brookhaven
    Sidewalk on front of home is broken up and needs 10-15 feet of replacement on westernmost section of the house which joins 1496 Stratfield Circle. Broken sidewalk is danger to walkers or bikeriders especially after dark. Thanks mbh
  • 1186 Goodwin Road Northeast Atlanta, GA - Brookhaven
    This short stretch needs a sidewalk, pedestrians are often in the roadway (a hazard)
  • 1166 Haven Brook Ct Brookhaven, GA - Brookhaven
    We are residents of Haven Brook, a neighborhood at the intersection of Osborne road and Haven Brook Lane. Our daughter attends school at Ashford Park Elementary and is in 4th grade. Her bus stop is located across Osborne road, therefore she has to cross Osborne to get to the sidewalk in order to walk to her bus stop. Osborn is a very busy road, hilly and curvy, and people drive very fast and appear quickly around bends. We would like to have a crosswalk created to for this high traffic road in an effort to maintain a semblance of safety for our family and others in our area. Thank you.
  • 2890 Parkridge Drive Atlanta, GA - Brookhaven

    Every time it rains, water accumulates on the street in front of this and the adjacent address and does not drain. Depending on how much rain falls, it will remain for 3 to 6 days.

    There are also several large cracks in the street that are likely due to the soil under the road being eroded from underneath by this water.

  • 2524 Caldwell Road Northeast Atlanta, GA 30319, USA - Brookhaven
    Abandoned house.
  • 1803-1809 Briarwood Road Northeast Atlanta, GA 30329, USA - Brookhaven
    gang signs, grafitti
  • Ewing Drive Atlanta, GA - Brookhaven
    Construction noise at 6:35 am today, Wednesday, March 27: construction dumpsters swapped (empty for full) at site across from 2373 Ewing Drive. This builder routinely disregards work hours codes & has been reported several times for just this one site.