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  • Windsor Parkway And Hermance Drive Atlanta, GA - Brookhaven
    Sidewalk repair. Sidewalk in bad condition.
  • Johnson Ferry Rd @ Donaldson Dr Brookhaven, GA 30319, USA - Brookhaven
    Are these lights legal? They are obnoxious.
  • 1444 N Druid Hills Road Northeast Atlanta, Georgia - Brookhaven
    The homes on N Druid Hills between N Cliff Valley and Briarwood have been paving their front yards over for additional parking. Some homes are using the front yards as parking lots in areas that had been lawn. DeKalb County Code governs use of front yards Sec. 27-766. Parking regulations, off-street parking spaces.
    Does Brookhaven or DeKalb County now regulate parking on front lawns or creation of concrete or stone parking areas on front lawns? This issue impacts curb appeal for all surrounding properties and home values for the neighborhood in addition to not allowing for proper drainage of storm water runoff.
  • Merging issue Acknowledged
    4120-4138 Ashford Dunwoody Road Northeast Atlanta, GA 30319, USA - Brookhaven
    Cones are needed as drivers getting off 285 continue up the road in turn lane and merge stopping traffic in normal lane. Cars are incentivized to be rude drivers.
  • 2729 Tallulah Drive Northeast Atlanta, GA 30319, USA - Brookhaven
    Dirt from construction site flows on the road during rain and rocks from the construction are all over osborne
  • 3500 Ashford Dunwoody Road Northeast Great Clips Cambridge Square, Atlanta, GA 30319, USA - Brookhaven
    Heavy amounts of garbage on roadside pretty much all through Brookhaven but this is a good place to start.
  • 3850 Ashford Dunwoody Road Northeast Atlanta, Georgia - Brookhaven

    The northbound bicycle lane near Marist is obstructed with gravel/sand from the ice storm. I street sweeper/cleaner needs to be deployed to make the lane safe for bicycle traffic.

    Bicyclists are currently force to move out of the lane and ride on Ashford Dunwoody Road in a high traffic area.

  • 1441 Dresden Drive Ne Brookhaven, Georgia - Brookhaven
    There were signs placed at two of the crosswalks on this section of Dresden advising motorists that they are required by State Law to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks. Motorists driving over them has led to their disappearance. Can we have them back, please?
  • 2273 Matthews St Ne Atlanta, Georgia - Brookhaven

    There is a cavern under the street at the curb in front of my house. You can see a hole next to the curb between my mailbox and the telephone pole that looks like an animal hole but it's not. There is also a hole in the curb that if the sun is right will let you see that the cavern is 3-4 feet deep at that spot.

    Please have someone check it out and address it before someone gets hurt.

    Kirby Frank

    P.S. I also left a message at Public Works.

  • 3623-3695 Ashford Dunwoody Rd Atlanta, GA - Brookhaven
    We need additional signs that are placed in the center line to remind drivers that it is state law to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks. This location connects Blackburn park to Kroger. The current sign is only the yellow crosswalk indicator.
  • Intersection Of Colonial & Peachtree Road Brookhaven, GA - Brookhaven
    There is insulation, burned materials and other refuse blowing into the streets and surrounding parking lots from the fire one week ago. Not an ounce has been touched since the fire department left. There could be dangerous materials and it needs to be removed immediately.
  • 3790 Ashford Dunwoody Rd Ne Dunwoody, Georgia - Brookhaven
    There's pallets of fertilizer with some bags open and exposed to rain; sitting very close to Nancy creek. The location is the SW side of the soccer fields next to Marist high school.