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  • 4463 Pleasant Beach Dr Ne - Bainbridge Island
    Recent paving makes impervious surfaces seem to exceed limits on lot coverage
  • 7056 Ne New Brooklyn Rd Bainbridge Island, WA 98110, USA - Bainbridge Island
    The owner trucks in horse manure daily and piles of fresh horse manure are left uncovered allowing the toxins to flow into the new brooklyn culvert and out to the sound.
    Local horse farms are giving her free manure if she hauls it to her property. Safe manure management practices are not being enforced. This has been a problem since 2008 as documented by the Kitsap Conservation District.
  • Wing Point Way Bainbridge Island, WA - Bainbridge Island
    Wing Point Way has been neglected long enough. It is in serious need of repair. When can we expect this to happen?
  • 300 Ne High School Rd Bainbridge Island, WA, USA - Bainbridge Island
    There has been a large sign on the sidewalk as you enter and exit the garage to Island Crossing condos. I am small (5ft) and drive a small Honda Civic so it is difficult to see oncoming traffic when exiting. While I asked the jeweler to move it, he did a bit but it is still on the sidewalk. In addition he has put up any amount of "Buy Gold" signs on the windows of his store which takes away the value of this building making it look like a pawn shop. We are living in hard times with regard to the housing market and signs like these devalue even more the building
  • Road Issue Archived
    High School At Safeway Bainbridge Village, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110, USA - Bainbridge Island
    Why is there no crosswalk at the entrance to Safeway?
  • 1632 Parkview Dr Ne Bainbridge Island WA 98110, USA - Bainbridge Island
    About 2 months age a dump truck came up from a new house under construction on Devenny Ave below our property and dumped two loads onto the property across the street. This is causing erosion issues, partly blocking access to garage and is on city right of way
  • Wardwell/Bucsit And Mcredmond Bainbridge Island, WA 98110, USA - Bainbridge Island
    A 4 way stop sign is needed at the intersection of wardell/bucsit and McRedmond. Currently there is only one stop sign at this intersection - which isn't very logical. The vegetation makes some of corners blind which can be a dangerous situation.
  • 138-198 Wyatt Way Ne Bainbridge Island, Washington - Bainbridge Island
    island homestead apartments was granted a road vacation on condition of maintaining a path. there is no real path , and some of the landscaping actually blocks the right-of-way
  • 7901-7959 Ne Koura Rd Bainbridge Island, WA 98110, USA - Bainbridge Island
    The 35-mph sign right after Meadowlark across from Fieldstone on the south side of Koura Rd. is completely obscured by residential bushes. The street name sign is obscured as well. Folks aren't seeing the sign; more people seem to be speeding. That area is a busy bus stop in the a.m. with up to 11 elementary school kids waiting there. Thank you!
  • Dumping Archived
    1632 Parkview Dr Ne Bainbridge Island WA 98110, USA - Bainbridge Island
    Two dump truck loads of dirt have been dumped on city right of way and our property line causing erosion issues
  • 625 Winslow Way Bainbridge Island, WA - Bainbridge Island
    The Pepsi machine located beside the BI police building is in violation of the sign ordinance of COBI. 15.08.010. A)Promote health: NO; B)Harmonize design:NO; C) Attractive:NO; D) Reduce distractions: NO;
    15.08.080. Externally lit: NO; Not illuminated between 10pm & 6am:NO The fact that it is on city property makes this particularly offensive. Please evaluate this apparent abuse.
  • Ne Bucklin Hill Rd Bainbridge Island, WA - Bainbridge Island
    The speed limit needs to be reduced to 25 here. This stretch of road from Bucklin Hill Rd/Blakely Ave to where Lynwood Ctr Rd begins is congested and has no safe place for pedestrians or cyclists (including the middle school students). Drivers come around fairly blind corners in both directions. Heavy bicycle commuter and tourist traffic, and walkers have no safe place to be. Not the place for drivers to go 35+. Also: The school zone is largely ignored daily. Thank you.