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  • Ne Bucklin Hill Rd Bainbridge Island, WA - Bainbridge Island
    The speed limit needs to be reduced to 25 here. This stretch of road from Bucklin Hill Rd/Blakely Ave to where Lynwood Ctr Rd begins is congested and has no safe place for pedestrians or cyclists (including the middle school students). Drivers come around fairly blind corners in both directions. Heavy bicycle commuter and tourist traffic, and walkers have no safe place to be. Not the place for drivers to go 35+. Also: The school zone is largely ignored daily. Thank you.
  • 9709 Ne South Beach Dr Bainbridge Island, WA - Bainbridge Island
    Approx 20 years ago a vehicle was abandoned across from address listed.
    Recent brush trimming has exposed it.
  • Miller At New Brooklyn Bainbridge Island, WA 98110, USA - Bainbridge Island
    Drivers proceeding south on Miller and north on Fletcher Bay Rd frequently ignore their respective stop sign at the intersection.
  • 300 High School Road Ne Bainbridge Island, WA - Bainbridge Island
    Owner of jewelry store has had a trashy, distasteful sign propped up on the sidewalk simply to spite his neighbors, who have continually complained about it being a nuisance. This has now been removed and replaced with an ultra-large sign, that not only is a hazard, impeding visibility of High School Road for cars entering from the parking garage, but it may violate the city's statutes.
  • 15720-15798 Point Monroe Dr Ne Bainbridge Island, WA 98110, USA - Bainbridge Island
    New under deck/ dock drainage system installed on shoreline in lagoon. No permit address 15729 point Monroe dr NE , BI
  • Meadowmeer Circle Northeast Bainbridge Island, Washington - Bainbridge Island
    Meadowmeer Circle has no speed limit signs. Some of my neighbors drive quite quickly around the circle, and there are a number of young children in this neighborhood. I would love to see some speed limit signs added, the "drive 25 to keep kids alive" ones would be ideal from my perspective, if that's an option.
  • Road Issue Archived
    280-322 Wyatt Way Northeast Bainbridge Island, WA 98110, USA - Bainbridge Island
    With more on street parking happening on Wyatt Way, I've noticed the fire hydrant is often blocked by vehicles. Time for signage or perhaps marking the curbs. Or is this hydrant on private property?
  • 747 Moji Ln Nw Bainbridge Island, WA 98110, USA - Bainbridge Island
    Several residences on the south side of Moji Lane have altered and added to the storm water management system that was in place when the houses were originally built. There are numerous buried (french) drains that are not connected to any system. The water is ending up in the yards of the Hillandale neighborhood.
  • 10197 Ne South Beach Drive Bainbridge Island, WA 98110, USA - Bainbridge Island
    Somebody cut down scotch broom plants along south beach drive a few days ago, and left the plants in or near the roadway. The plants have seed pods that are being redistributed after being run over... I pulled some from the road, but they should be taken away. A neighbor said that he say what appeared to be a city or county truck with a number of young people cutting down the plants...
  • 910 Madison bainbridge, wa - Bainbridge Island
    Reported from my mobile device
  • Island Wide Bainbridge Island, WA - Bainbridge Island
    It seems that because of airliner approach adjustments in Seattle to decrease the noise on the east side of Puget Sound, we on the west side are having to contend with more low flying jet traffic, and the associated noise this brings.
    After numerous attempts to speak with decision makers at the Sea-Tac noise abatement department it seems there is little an individual can do. My thought is that it will take a city and or county effort to have our concerns about excessively low flying aircraft addressed.