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  • 1601 Anacapa St Santa Barbara, California - Downtown
    throughout Santa Barbara cars DO NOT yield for pedestrians at cross walks.
  • 191-195 Meigs Road Santa Barbara, CA 93109, USA - Mesa
  • El Camino Real Santa Barbara, CA 93101, USA - Westside
    North on the 101 is in desperate need of repaving and pot hole filling between Mission St. and Las Positas.
  • Carrillo Street At U.S. 101 Santa Barbara, CA - Westside
    Gang graffiti in large spray-painted lettering on both west and east sides of the railroad bridge that crosses Carrillo Street at the intersection with U.S. 101.
  • The Bicycle Pathway Connecting Summerland To Montecito Along Us 101 N Montecito, California - Westside

    First off, my sincere thanks for painting out all of the considerable graffiti that had accumulated along the bicycle pathway between Summerland and Montecito. It looks CONSIDERABLY better.

    Unfortunately - as is often the case - it will require some additional return "touch ups" to eliminate subsequent tagging, so as to break their spirits and end the public disfiguring of this great public space. On the start of the retaining wall coming from Summerland (near the crest) they have struck again with very large lettering and marking their territory. Similarly, on the top of the retaining wall close to the Montecito start, another person has placed large red letters to foul the newly painted and reclaimed wall.

    Though not as unsightly and out of hand as previously, it seems that we would be well advised to immediately paint these new graffiti attacks, so as to send a strong message that it will simply not be tolerated in our community.

    I thank you sincerely for your consideration of this, and for the spectacular addressing of my prior graffiti concern. It was much appreciated.

  • 36-98 East Victoria Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101, USA - Downtown
    The signal shield was hit and it is hard for peds on corner to see when light is green.
  • 123 East Anapamu Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101, USA - Downtown
    Blind intersection at Valle laureles and state street. Pic taken from my computer google maps
  • Castillo Street Santa Barbara, California - Westside
    PLEASE When will something be done about this off ramp pot holes. They haven't been filled since last summer. You have to practically come to a stop to get through them and if you have to stop at the light your car is thrown out into oncoming traffic from the left. Something really has to be done. I travel this road every morning to work. If a drove a truck it wouldn't be as bad. But I drive a VW. I have to creep over the potholes so that my car is not damaged.
  • 4441 La Paloma Ave Santa Barbara, CA - US Congressional District CA23
  • 4700 Block Hollister- Corner Of S. Turnpike & Hollister Avenue - US Congressional District CA23
    MTD bus stops gazebos/ benches have no lighting at night as was the case last winter. Solar powered lights sorely needed as you can not see your own hand in front of face at night much less see others.
  • 197-203 Meigs Road Santa Barbara, CA 93109, USA - Mesa
    How about a sign warning people?
  • 476 Pintura Dr Santa Barbara, CA - US Congressional District CA23
    Streets lights in front of 476 Pintura Dr and at the corner of Pintura and LaRamada are out and have been for a couple of months