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At California and Gough, a corners trafficked by pedestrians enroute to the local grocery store (WholeFoods), the traffic light is not appropriately timed for some of the older pedestrian traffic. This is a request to lengthen the pedestrian crossing light timing.

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  • 1188 Fell St San Francisco, CA 94117 - Alamo Square

    We who live in the western half of SF are forced to rely heavily on Fell & Oak Streets. Any blockage on those streets is both inconvenient and a safety hazard.

    It seems that at least half the times I'm on Fell at Divis., there is a backup of stopped cars in the left lane, waiting to pull into the Arco gas station here. This is inappropriate anywhere, and dangerous on such a major artery.

    I see two possible solutions:
    1) Require the Arco station to redesign its layout so cars can wait on premises, not on the public street;
    2) eliminate 3-5 parking spaces on the left side just before this station, to accommodate waiting traffic.

    Enforcement would probably help too.


  • 69-71 29th St San Francisco, CA 94110, USA - Bernal Heights
    This is a dangerous intersection for pedestrians, bicyclists and cars alike. Tiffany meets 29th at an angle making for difficult sightlines for proceeding onto 29th Street. In addition there is an entry drive to the Safeway parking lot across the street and is a popular pedestrian crossing spot (no crosswalks). Lastly Tiffany is a popular bike route and joins Valencia to San Jose so had heavy bike traffic. This intersection should have a 4-way stop (including the Safeway driveway).
  • Lake Street And 8th Avenue - Inner Richmond
    This is a heavily trafficked intersection (Lake St & 8th Ave.) of automobiles and pedestrians. It's popular to cross due to it's destination. It provides direct access to the dog park. Everyone, mostly adults with children and/or dogs, struggle to cross this intersection. Daily, it is especially worse during commute hours, cars speed and rarely make the effort to stop or slow down for pedestrians. Please, I/we request 2 additional stop signs to make this a 4-way stop and an easier and safer intersection to cross.
  • 695 Brannan St San Francisco, CA 94107 - South Of Market
    Drivers turning right off the 280 off-ramp cannot see pedestrians crossing Brannan St to the NW, due to traffic light boxes. Drivers also are looking to the left to see if they have a break in traffic and not far to the right for pedestrians. I've seen multiple near-misses on this crossing.
  • Brotherhood Way San Francisco, CA 94132 - Ocean View
    Segamore St. has 3 lanes in each direction. Only one lane merges onto the 2 west-bound lanes of Brotherhood Way. The entrance to Brotherhood Way can support a 2-lane merge from Segamore. During high traffic periods, the backup on Segamore is long and people drive crazy, speed, and make illegal lane changes to get in the far right lane at the last minute. An additional merge lane onto Brotherhood Way would make the merge much safer and faster.
  • 1310 Lombard St San Francisco, CA 94109 - Russian Hill
    Tourists waiting to drive down the Crooked Street pull into the intersection even when there is no room for them to start up the hill due to other cars. This leaves Polk St. blocked to cross traffic, and makes it extremely difficult for cars, bikes, and pedestrians to navigate this intersection safely.
  • 190 Fair Oaks St San Francisco, CA 94110 - Mission
    Traffic on 23rd Street is too fast. Cars are trying to beat the traffic light on Dolores. This is adjacent to a school and a neighborhood w/ lots of foot traffic. Speed remediation measure needed.
  • 1099 Lombard (@ Hyde) - Russian Hill
    Persistent, chronic violations of the "No Left Turn" restriction at the intersection of Hyde and Lombard Streets. Vehicles ascending Hyde Street block traffic waiting to make the illegal left turn and descend the Lombard switchbacks.
  • 1009-1011 S Van Ness Ave San Francisco, CA 94110, USA - Mission
    Horrible building full of problem people, lots of drug traffic. A crazy person who is constantly screaming about killing people. Lots of bums hanging out in front drinking etc.
  • 307 Oak St San Francisco, CA 94102 - Western Addition
    Cars traveling east on Oak don't have enough advance warning about which lanes to be in or not be in if they want to continue straight or turn onto Octavia. There is not enough signage to deter cars from turning illegally on red. "Local lanes" cause accidents because there is no indication about how to treat the stop signs in addition to the traffic lights and merging/turning cars from the center lanes. CARS HONK 24 HOURS A DAY.
  • 500 Duboce Ave. San Francisco, CA 94115, USA - Western Addition
    Duboce park has a beautiful dog park that is frequented by many people and their dogs. As many as five hundred dogs and their respective guardians, come to the park on each day to run, play, catch up with their pals and breathe fresh air. The park is a nice size, has a drinking fountain for dogs and has comfortable benches for dog guardians to rest, catch up on dog raising trivia from other guardians and watch their canines play. Sounds great, right? Yes and...the parks largest boundary is Duboce ave which is not only busy with car traffic but is the route for muni. Although it is indisputable that dogs are bright and know much more than we do about some things, they do not understand the consequence of being run over by a car or muni and we know this bc if they did know, this would not be an issue. We need to finish this park with some sort of fencing.
  • traffic madness Acknowledged
    16th Street And Castro San Francisco, CA 94114, USA - Castro-Upper Market
    Cars run these stop signs all the time. Nobody signals. Nobody looks. Cars coming up 16th just barrel through, and cars on Castro barely stop. It's a madhouse with large amounts of traffic throughout the day, weekdays and weekends. Pedestrians take their lives in their hands trying to cross. This is a major intersection that desperately needs a traffic light.