Manchester, NJ

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Manchester Township, Ocean County, NJ

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  • Commonweath And North Hampton Blvd Manchester, NJ 08757 - Leisure Village West-Pine Lake Park
    Reduce speeding limit. People are racing down the streets our kids play on at over 50+ miles per hour!
  • Dangerous Archived
    2759 Ridgeway Road Manchester, NJ - US Congressional District NJ4
    Rt. 571 @ Manchester Middle School. Left hand turns are dangerous cars do not slow down when you are stopped here to turn into the School Parking Lot. Not safe for buses or employees, parents dropping off kids, etc. They should make a left turn lane in front of the school. Also pulling out of the parking lot is a nightmare, please do something.
  • Lakehurst NJ, USA - Lakehurst
    Many potholes becoming larger by the minute going towards Seaside Heights (just before circle of 37 and 70) on east bound side over bridge!
  • 2335-2341 Ridgeway Rd Lakehurst, NJ 08759, USA - US Congressional District NJ4
    Watch out in this area! When approaching Rt 70, lots of holes by the sportsbar.
  • Brielle Archived
    403 Union Lane Brielle New Jersey 08730 - US Congressional District NJ4
    South east Union Lane 12in deep 20 in diameter Lets fix it now
  • State Highway Route 66 - US Congressional District NJ4
    RT 66 and Wayside Road in Neptune heading West most of RT 66 heading in that direction is a mess. It will tear up your car.
  • 125 Green Acres Rd Lakehurst, NJ 08759, USA - US Congressional District NJ4
    Traffic Light:Engineering needs to readjust the timing of this traffic light! Traffic heading east & west backs up all the way to CR527 during peak commuting hrs. during morning and evening hrs. Has been the cause of many fender benders during these peak times too. Summer is coming. Please help.
  • 2952-2954 Wilbur Ave Lakehurst, NJ 08759, USA - US Congressional District NJ4
    Left hand turns MUST be stopped here PLEASE! This is has become an extremely dangerous intersection. Traffic lights allow safe turns at Rt 571 & 70. (Also, at Green Acres Rd and Rt 70 if residents travel down Holly Hill Rd to Green Acres Rd.) This is not as favored due to speeding through the residential area of Holly Oaks/Knoll Woods. Too many near misses and accidents.
  • potholes Archived
    902-998 County Road 530 Pine Ridge at Crestwood, NJ 08759, USA - US Congressional District NJ4
    There are potholes starting before the miller air park all the down into whiting and back on both sides of 530!!! Very unsafe. Please consider the area and fix this!!!
  • Elberon Blvd Wilson ave - US Congressional District NJ4
    No yeild or stop sign
  • need block plowed out in brick,columbus drive...why are we the last every year,,,