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  • 1? Prospect Av West Haven CT - West Haven
    Houses on the bottom and very top of the odd numbered side of the street are desperately in need of repair, paint, and/or demolition. The second, third, and fourth houses from the bottom and the last house at the top of the hill all look to be abandoned for the past few years and are bringing down the property value of the neighborhood. Thinking of telling the homeless about squatting opportunities if something isn't done soon!
  • 27 Walnut St West Haven, CT - West Haven
    MOST of the display is on private property, but this property's war mongering has gotten out of control. The Yellow Ribbons on the public trees should not be allowed. That is not their private property. As for the bloody "RAGE" sign, that really is in low-class, and it distracts drivers. I respect the sacrifice of our armed forces, and the 1st Amendment, but this display is very distracting and potentially dangerous.
  • 295 Beach Street West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven

    I believe someone new purchased this property last fall but it is in the worst shape yet. Every window is boarded up, also parts of the roof are falling off and hanging down. This property is right in front of the beach, its a huge eye sore and every time you think West Haven is cleaning up little by little, I drive by this site and forget all of that.

    West haven has published blight codes now, this must be in violation of a number of them. They should have this cleaned up before the summer/beach season.

    Actual homeowners need to keep their properties in good condition, this property should need to be cleaned up too.

  • 142 Everett St West Haven, CT - West Haven
    This property is an eye sore and gets worse and worse. Chrisine Sandella is listed as the owner and I believe she lives in Orange now. I wish someone would take notice of this!
  • Drug Dealers Archived
    126 - 127 Leete Street West Haven, CT - West Haven
    Second and third floor of this bank owned foreclosed property has people over all hours of the night. Quick dealings, obvious drugs going on. They have KIDS on both floors of this house that are witnessing this!! People on this street are aware of what's going on. This forum helped out another person on this street get rid of a drug dealer so I am hoping that this will do the same. These people are BLATANT about it! They do not care who is walking by, kids, familes, etc. and they do not even try to hide it. Please help get these dealer off the street. Too many kids on this street to see this! The cops have been here and not sure why no one is getting busted. Seeclickfix has helped out before, please help now!!!
  • 28 Harbour Close New Haven, CT 06519, USA - City Point
    Property owner has not repaired Boardwalk
  • 35 Prospect Ave West Haven, CT - West Haven

    This home has been vacant for at least six years. There is occasional activity as occasionally people come and put stuff in it (in a minivan RIDDLED with Picard stickers) and takes stuff (childrens bikes, etc) out. I'm really not sure what they do there, my best guess is they're using it for storage.

    On trash day there's always bags outside, even though no one lives there. It would appear that the trash is not being generated at this residence and is being brought from other locations. As is clearly evident in the attached picture, the roof is failing and I have personally witnessed wildlife entering the home. The attached photo is from when this home was put on the market some months ago, but pretty much tells the story. I know for a fact that I am not the first to complain about this property.

    It would be safe to conclude that the owner listed as a "Daniel Rocano" on the vision appraisal site is connected to someone at town hall. Each time a complaint is lodged with town hall in reference to the state of this property, a short time later Daniel/etc show up to do some basic maintenance (lawn mowing/etc) without ever having addressed the real problem. The house is failing, and needs to be examined by building inspectors.

    It is certainly pulling down the values of our homes and provides a very real health hazard to the surrounding homes.

    I am looking into other ways to get some action on this, but figured I would start here.

    If anyone from West Haven Town Hall reads this, please. Please. Do something. We have a great neighborhood. And a lot of wonderful neighbors. Daniel and his dilapidated home are not in standing with the neighborhood, and his lack of consideration has created a potential health hazard for anyone who lives around him.

  • 12 Woodland St West Haven, CT 06516 - West Haven
    I drive passed this house almost every day on my way to work. On any given day, there are anywhere from 6-10 junk cars in the driveway, yard, and in the street. Some of them are sinking into the ground, others just falling apart. I would guess that only 2-3 of them are actually registered (if that, looking at the # of them without license plates). I can only imagine how this is affecting the value of the houses in this neighborhood and is just an eye sore in general. Aren't there zoning laws to prevent this from happening? Can someone please do something about this? Many West Haven residents are trying to keep West Haven clean, meanwhile there are travesties like this house going unnoticed.
  • 2-24 Seaview Ave West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    Who owns this property? I believe they only live in CT. part of the year. They need to be forced to hire a property management company to care for their property when they are not here. The house is a dump and the yard is even worse. I don't need to walk by and look at this trashy scene in my neighborhood! CLEAN IT UP!
  • 52-90 Morse Avenue West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    Every year the West Haven Public Works ignores and neglects tasks such as maintenance of sidewalks that are on city property; this includes clearing snow in the winter and clearing weeds and leaves in summer and fall. A good example of this is on Morse Avenue, where weeds such as knotweed and mugwort overgrow the sidewalk to the point that it is impossible to walk on it. This is a PUBLIC SAFETY issue, because it forces pedestrians -- including moms pushing strollers, children, the elderly -- into the street (where we have ZERO speed enforcement). Getting these tasks done requires repeated phone calls, and then, once the weeds are cleared, they leave the detritus there, on the sidewalk, in the street, and, as seen in the picture, clogging storm drains along a stretch of Morse Ave that is frequently under water. Neighboring these neglected area, you'll find Park-Rec staff in the Morse Park ballfields weed-whacking around every chainlink fence. In Grove Park, crews weed-whacking, leaf-blowing, all on a daily basis. Ditto for the silly, wasteful, and entirely cosmetic daily beach grooming. But sidewalks? Nah. It's not just Morse Avenue; Blohm St is similarly ignored, as is the shamefully neglected stretch of 1st Ave that passes over the train tracks; here it's common to see people carrying groceries from ShopRite, forced to walk in the street because of West Haven's neglect of these basic responsibilities.
  • Ella T Grasso Boulevard New Haven, Connecticut - Hill
    Possibly the worst Connecticut Department of "Transportation" blunder ever? The redo of this intersection created horrible traffic backups onto Sea St., extending as far back as Howard Ave. and 6th Street.
    In addition, the multiple turn lanes, signal lights, confusing signs and crazy road striping appear designed to confuse drivers. I have witnessed several near head-on collisions from Southbound Blvd. traffic attempting to enter this octopus of an intersection. The pedestrian infrastructure is a joke too.
    CT DOT forget about your little lines of paint; no one pays attention to them anyway. Please install some hardscape, that is, islands with curbs to slow and direct traffic. Millions of dollars spent and the end result is massive traffic jams and delays, on Sea St. and Howard Ave., car wrecks and destruction of property values in the historic City Point neighborhood.
  • 217-219 East Avenue. West haven, Ct - West Haven
    Hello. I have lived in this house for ten years. I have finally given up with this town. Not because of building and zoning but because of the overwhelming cases they must have. I have decided to put my house on the market and even though I will be living without a house, I will be much happier knowing I am one step closer to relocation. I have been looking at a few blanket/ tarps wrapped in leaves and a pink bag full of something since the fall time. I question if this is just covering the toxic paints that were cleaned from the basement last year. Not only that but there is garbage piled up on each side of the house. The front porches have had furniture store on it in a manner in which it can not even be used for months. Can the city of west haven help me clean this area up? I have been looking at this kind of thing for a while and have had enough. The landlord does not care about this area at all as we have had to do this before. I think they should be sited for blight and forced to clean up the property that she collects rent on and we are forced to look at, which actually brings our property value drown. I'd also question the legality of some of the cars that are parked at night time in at the intersection of east and William st. I have seen people take license plates off one car and put them on another to appear like they are legit. I have to pay at least 8k per year in order to live here. Do you think we can have a cruiser run the plates on a few vehicles down here to make sure they are registered to the cars they belong to and current? Lastley, props up to building and zoning and the w.h.p.d. , they certainly have their hands full and can be overwhelmed in this town. Good luck to everybody working and striving to make this a better place or just get out! Thanks.