Oakland Crocker Highlands Plus

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Crocker highlands area of Oakland and small adjoining area

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  • Massive pothole Acknowledged
    Macarthur And Park Oakland, CA - Lynn-Highland Park
    Major pothole in westbound lane of Park. 12" deep at the very least. Cars are losing wheels.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    1200-1248 Chatham Rd Oakland, CA 94610, USA - Trestle Glen
    A very deep and large pot hole that encompasses half of the lane on the main access road to the 580E Park Blvd on ramp. Cars would need to swerve to avoid potential damage. In front of the church on Chatham. It's gotten significantly worse in the last few days. Require immediately repair.
  • 1341-1351 Chatham Road Oakland, California - Glenview
    The pavement condition of Chatham Rd between Beaumont Ave and Park Blvd is nothing less than atrocious...the experience while riding the daily bus line (NL/58L) over this section of road is that of a 19th-century roller coaster...this is an important commuting thoroughfare in Oakland and thus deserves better attention...
  • Vacant City Lot Next To 770 Wesley Way Oakland, CA - Trestle Glen
    People sleep, live, occupy this beautiful city owned vacant lot next to 770 Wesley Way. As a result there's human debris, liquid & solid, empty food wrappers/containers, empty bottles, cans, shoes, clothing, paint can, etc.
  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    3521–3539 Lakeshore Ave Oakland 94610, United States - Oakland
    Another person is now camping at this park and we saw them going to the bathroom. This is not okay especially at a park where children are playing.
  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    3437 Lakeshore Avenue Oakland, California - Lakeshore
    There is a tent that has been at the park on Lakeshore and Mandana that has been there for a week. Now a new tent has popped up, and I do not want that park to become a tent city. My children walk by that park all the time and I want to make sure they are safe. And where are the people in the tents going to the bathroom?!
  • 3200 Lakeshore Avenue Oakland, California - Trestle Glen

    For the past couple of months, these two USAgain donation bins have been broken into with clothing scattered all about. In addition, they are a magnet for graffiti and illegal dumping.

    The station manager says he has been trying to get them removed for several months.

  • Pothole Archived
    584-598 Mandana Boulevard Oakland, CA 94610, USA - Lakeshore
    Broken pavement on steep downhill side is a major danger for bicyclists.
  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    Mandana Plaza Park Oakland, California - Lakeshore
    There is a tent being lived in that has been inhabited for at least 3 weeks. There is litter and trash build-up and the grass is now dead there. This park is a center for children and the tent is only feet away from the playground. This is against the laws and rules of Oakland! Who knows who lives in it, a child molesester? We are all deeply concerned as neighbors. Please, please enforce the rules and make him move to an encampment before something bad happens to a child.
  • 801-1149 Chatham Road Oakland, California - Trestle Glen

    There are 2 huge potholes prior to entering 580 off park street. This is ridiculous the amount of potholes around this city and yet I have never seen anyone go out and fill them.

    Fix this. They are dangerous and they cost the citizens of the city money. It is expensive enough living here so having to worry about paying for unnecessary wear and tear is bonkers.

  • Park Boulevard Oakland, California - Glenview

    I’m writing regarding a dangerous situation occurring at a pedestrian crosswalk on Park Blvd and Kingsley Way. This is a safety issue that presents an imminent danger to pedestrians. Briefly, the crosswalk at Park and Kingsley is not well marked for drivers to see it. I’ve seen numerous close calls with drivers not stopping and almost hitting pedestrians at this particular crosswalk; my friend's wife and two children were very nearly hit by a car at this crosswalk this past weekend. Cars approach from the east (heading west to the 580 on ramp) at a high rate of speed - compounding the problem is that cars will often change lanes when cars in one lane have stopped, and the lane-weaving cars don’t necessarily know that the stopped cars have stopped for a crosswalk.

    I hope the city can at the very least improve the visibility of this crosswalk. For comparison, the crosswalks just a block east at Park Blvd and Park Blvd Way are marked with large bright yellow signs and painted on the street. So there is a discrepancy which could be confusing to drivers.

    Many young children cross Park Blvd at this Kingsley crosswalk as there is a preschool and daycare a block away and the Edna Brewer Middle School a block away. In addition, there is a synagogue (Beth Jacob Congregation) on this block and many families walk to synagogue with young children and pushing strollers and often use they use this crosswalk at Kingsley. The families with strollers are particularly vulnerable to cars running the crosswalk as these pedestrians move more slowly than others and can’t get out of the way quickly.

  • Pothole Acknowledged
    1422 Macarthur Boulevard Oakland CA 94602, United States of America - Glenview
    Busy Pothole ridden street ignored by the city. I wonder how many insurance claims for damaged vehicles due to this street It would take for the city to address it?