Aberdeen, NJ

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Aberdeen Township, Monmouth County, New Jersey

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  • Rt 35 Cliffwood Ave - US Congressional District NJ6
    The area on rt 35 by flexi-lease always floods with bad rain. It is so bad the Old Bridge MUA sit there on standby watching it flood before the block it off.
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  • 1100 New Jersey 34 Matawan, NJ 07747, USA - US Congressional District NJ6
    Long Delays at the intersection of Rt 34 and Lloyd Road due to intersection being replaced, go the hell around! I waited 12 cycles of the light to get through on a side that wasn't even being worked on at the time. Can't they get e cop to control the traffic flow through the intersection??
  • 808-826 Lloyd Rd Matawan, NJ 07747, USA - US Congressional District NJ6
    The southbound merge onto the GSP at exit 117 needs to be repaved. The cold fix pave is coming up and debris from the preceding cars is a danger, as is the general condition of the onramp itself.
  • 501-539 New Jersey 35 Keyport, NJ 07735, USA - Cliffwood Beach
    this winter has destroyed this road
  • Route 34 South Old Bridge NJ - Strathmore
    Large potholes and uneven/buckling roadway - Route 34 South in Old Bridge, NJ at or near All Star Car Wash and prior to the Marley Bone Bar
  • Cliffwood Avenue aberdine, cliffwood, new jersey - US Congressional District NJ6
    when approaching cliffwood elementry school from rt.35 you can't see the school until your in front of it.safty reasons request two yello signs placed in front of school to allert drivers
  • 1053 New Jersey 34 Matawan, NJ 07747, USA - Matawan
    The intersection at Mill Rd And Rt 34 is a very busy intersection , and is very hard to make a left turn on to rt 34 north from mill rd , a traffic light would make driving much easier at this location
  • 186-190 Church St Strathmore, NJ 07747, USA - Strathmore
    Speed Limit on Church St between South Atlantic and Lloyd road should be reduced to 25 or 30 MPH. The narrow road, the limited sight distance around the curve, and the number of cars coming off of Cypress makes it a hazard to have people driving 35 or 40 miles per hour, especially travelling east from S Atlantic to Lloyd.
  • 1139-1157 New Jersey 34 Matawan, NJ 07747, USA - US Congressional District NJ6
    Although people might think there is only ONE LANE here, Got in a real bad accident the other day cause someone rear ended me doing 45 going up the shoulder.
  • 290 State Rte 35 Cliffwood Beach, NJ - Cliffwood Beach
    When it rains heavily, cars a detoured away
  • 208-210 Lloyd Rd Strathmore, NJ 07747, USA - US Congressional District NJ6
    Pothole where the left tire rolls on the road. It's getting deeper and drivers are swerving around it at the last second. Fix it MC road dept