Utah Digital Government

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We support Utah's digital government, included our Utah.gov portal and over 900 online services. We work with all state agencies and also collaborate with local govt. The are actually extends to all of the state of Utah (not allowed by seeclickfix).

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  • 261 W 2100 S Salt Lake City, UT, 84115, USA - South Salt Lake
    The lights on 2100 north and redwood rd. In Saratoga Springs not letting anyone through north or southbound. The light lasts 3 seconds we waited 1/2 hour just at this light.
  • Other Archived
    230 Us-89 North Salt Lake, UT 84054, USA - North Salt Lake
    2600 S in Woods Cross is too overcrowded and it is the first Northbound exit after the I-215 and I-15 merge. It would help to alleviate if North Salt Lake had on and off ramps at the US-89 and Eagle Ridge intersection. Just an idea.
  • Pothole Archived
    3510 S 4800 W West Valley City, Utah - West Valley City
  • 88 Utah 186 Morgan, UT - Capitol Hill
    We had a call come in from Diane Nunley who was very concerned about this intersection. She said that she has lived here for 30 years and doesn't know why no one has complained about this but she wants to know why there is not a WBLT signal. She said it is impossible to turn left here because the opposing movement is pretty heavy and if there are a couple cars wanting to turn left, it will take a couple cycles for that to happen. Detection also looks good so I don't think that is an issue. If you could take a look at this, that would be great. She would also like correspondence back, whether that be through phone or email.
  • 577 Chipeta Way Salt Lake City, Utah - East Bench
    Dead deer just off the road/in the bushes on Tabby Lane and Colorow Road.
  • W 2100 N Salt Lake City, UT, 84116, USA - Salt Lake County
    Light has been out and nobody bothers to fix
  • N Redwood Rd Salt Lake City, UT, 84116, USA - Westpointe
    The vegetation along Redwood Rd in the area of the golf course has not been mowed and is full of trash.
  • POTHOLE Open
    3378 S 500 E SALT LAKE CITY, UT - South Salt Lake
    This pothole in the street is very bad ,no one will fix it ,It's shaking our apt Building and this is not fair .The people that dug up the hole should be accountable to fixing it proper leaving it like this is and will continue to cause damage to vehicles, And very bad for the apartments that live in front of it .Big loads {trucks}cause our apartment to shake and our windows also
  • I-215 S Salt Lake City, UT, 84104, USA - Glendale
    No lighting @ underpass at California Ave. & I-215 Freeway W. Belt... (Lights not working).
    Area is so dark after sun down, can't see the entrance to SB onramp to freeway.
  • 2250 Main Street South Salt Lake, Utah - South Salt Lake
    Water seems to be coming out of, or just all around a fire hydrant. I've noticed it for almost a week now. I probably should have reported it sooner
  • I-215 N Salt Lake City 84116, United States - Poplar Grove
    These ramps create so much congestion during the afternoon because there is no lane for them to go into. This is a mess and needs to be updated like the other ramps have been around the county.
  • I-215 N Salt Lake City 84116, United States - Salt Lake County
    Lights have been out for months would be nice if they would care to fix!!! It’s already 2019 please get to it. Neither light works going north or south