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  • 700 E & 2100 S Salt Lake City, Utah - Sugar House
    The intersection at 2100 S and 700 E needs a much longer westbound left-turn phase. Ultimately, it needs two-lane left-turn pockets. Right now it takes a full three cycles to drain the single westbound left-turn lane. There is plenty of space for two-lane lefts, but you would need to get rid of the concrete medians and park strips, and move the street lights.
  • Pothole Archived
    I-80 W Salt Lake City, UT, 84104, USA - Poplar Grove
    in center lane. driving from slc to tooele
  • Pothole Archived
    I-80 W Salt Lake City, UT, 84104, USA - Poplar Grove
    Two Huge potholes that destroyed two rims and cause two flats today on my car, center lane heading west right after the I-15 merge to I-80
  • Vegetation Archived
    Lincoln Hwy Salt Lake City, UT 84106, USA - Sugar House
    overgrown vegetation and trees on the south side of the onramp to I80 eastbound.
  • Signage Archived
    1835 South Foothill Drive Salt Lake City, Utah - Sugar House
    There's a free standing construction warning sign that has been sitting on the east side of Foothill and 1835 South (near the Paschal Circle entry) for months now and there is no work being done. It appears to be forgotten. Please pick it up
  • Rough Road Archived
    1047–1173 S 500 W Salt Lake City 84101, United States - Glendale
    Abrupt edge approx. 1-2” where one concrete slab has sunk below the next. In the right most lane of the two lane exit from I-15. Any cars with somewhat lower profile tires will bend when hitting this at highway speed
  • 500 S 500 W Salt Lake City, UT, 84101, USA - People's Freeway
    The traffic signal and lanes for southbound traffic entering the freeway on ramp on 500 S and 500 W needs to be looked at. I work a block away and every night the turn lane is so backed up that people are using the left hand lane that is supposed to be going straight through the light as an extra turn lane onto the freeway. The right lane can also go straight which has almost caused multiple accidents. People also think they can turn on the far right of the backed up vehicles even though the road is slashed as not a turn lane. Vehicles get stuck in the intersection on 400 S 500 W trying to wait for an opening to get into the turn lane.The green light to turn onto the freeway is way too short to get all the vehicles through this intersection and is creating this horrible backup.
    Can we please see if it would be an option to create a Turn Lane Only on the right lane and the left lane made into the lane that can go straight or turn right onto the freeway to try to remedy this issue. There are multiple intersections where this is currently how it is set up.
  • Pothole Archived
    Interstate 80 Salt Lake City, Utah - Poplar Grove
    Middle Lane has multiple potholes where the car tires drive (I'm on a motorcycle so I have to ride the middle to avoid them)
  • Lincoln Highway Salt Lake City, Utah - Poplar Grove
    Complete I-80 road deterioration.
    I have seen at least 6 people with blown tires here. ALL lanes are completely destroyed. cannot avoid erosion and potholes.
  • Pothole Archived
    461-485 West 6th North Salt Lake City, Utah - Capitol Hill
    Travelling west on 600 N, as you come down from the top of the overpass over the railroad tracks, there are multiple potholes in the left lanes as you approach the 400 W. intersection
  • Other Archived
    81 2100 South South Salt Lake, Utah - Salt Lake City
    Pedestrian Crossing beeper button isn't working to head north across 2100 South on State Street.
  • Rough Road Archived
    I-15 S Salt Lake City 84116, United States - Rose Park