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  • 1567 E 3300 S Salt Lake City, UT 84106, USA - Canyon Rim
    Water or something is coming up from the manhole in the middle of the west bound lanes of 3300 south
  • Pothole Archived
    S 2300 E & Interstate 80 Utah - Salt Lake City
    I think this is on SLCOUNTY side.
  • Interstate 80 Salt Lake City, UT 84106, USA - Sugar House

    This area has poor crowning of road along with poor drainage

    I have seen many accidents in this area due to cars hydro planing when traveling thru this low area of I-80 westbound just east of 13th east.

  • Other Archived
    I-215 At 3500 South (Overpass) West Valley City, Utah - West Valley City
    The entire freeway on the South side of the 3500 South bridge on I-215 has at least a 3" drop off. It's damaging my car and slowing traffic considerably. Please fix this.
  • Salt Lake City Salt Lake City, Utah - Downtown
    This is more of a suggestion of something I would like to see, and that is to equip strollers with reflective Gear as well as Wear for People that walk their Dogs, Bicyclers, Skaters, etc.
    There are so many People that think they can be seen in the dark because of streetlights but as a Driver you don't see them, esp if dressed in black! I've been on both sides of the fence and feel very strongly about this topic. Attached you can find a Picture of what I've been trying to explain to People but unless the State does anything it's pretty hard to get People to pay attention.
    This particular awesome reflective strap harness I bought at the Running Company (I-80 & 700E.) It works perfect.
  • Signage Archived
    1775 S 700 E Salt Lake City 84105, United States - Liberty Wells

    There is a barricade sign saying “Right Lane Closed Ahead”, but the lane is not closed.
    This causes unnecessary confusion and congestion.

    Northbound 7th East, about 18th south.

  • Trash/Litter Archived
    18a West Valley City, UT, 84119, USA - West Valley City
    Being a resident and apart of management of Valley Park Apartments, we have had ONGOING issues with 215 interstate; with trash, debris and even road signs. It's right next to our soccer field and it's so unattractive and one of the reasons why we do not organize property activities for our residents around that area.
  • Rough Road Archived
    1778 N Beck St Salt Lake City, UT, 84116, USA - Capitol Hill
    Salt Lake City submitting request (ID#692412) on citizens behalf...
    This section of Beck Street is incredibly dangerous for cyclists. There are numerous dangerous conditions all happening at the same time. The shoulder is very narrow and in disrepair; very close to fast-moving traffic, and covered in loose gravel. Putting all that together makes for a hazardous situation. I find it difficult to believe that the City cannot find funding for basic bike lane maintenance.
  • Pothole Archived
    2067-2099 North 2200 West Salt Lake City, Utah - Salt Lake County
    There is a very large pothole in the right lane, northbound I-215
  • 333 L St Salt Lake City, Utah - The Avenues
    The asphalt street is collapsing into the storm drain on the southwest corner of 7th Ave and L St. because the concrete curbing is broken and missing. Had someone get stuck the other night.
  • 1345 East University Boulevard Salt Lake City, Utah - East Central
    In the center lane going westbound on University Blvd/500 South there is a large bump just before crossing the TRAX lines. It already has scrape markings on top of the bump as if people have struck it while driving over it. I have a moderately low car and I avoid the center lane because I'm afraid of hitting the bump with my undercarriage. I don't think it would take much to fix it, but it does seem to be getting worse over the past year or so.
  • Graffiti Archived
    Lincoln Highway South Salt Lake, Utah - South Salt Lake
    There are two tags under the highway, on West Temple (West side of street) One is all the way up the incline, the other is just above the sidewalk.