Monmouth County & Ocean County

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Monmouth County and Ocean County, New Jersey

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  • 282 Pond Rd Freehold, NJ 07728, USA - Monmouth County
    Due to blind spots
  • 1132 Monmouth Ave Toms River, NJ 08757, USA - Leisure Village West-Pine Lake Park
    The area floods very badly and needs a storm drain. In the winter it freezes over ant there will be an accident.
  • 190 County Road 537 Colts Neck, NJ 07722, USA - Monmouth County
    This intersection is extremely dangerous, at the intersection
    of Laird Road and Route 537. Cars turning onto 537 have a hard
    time, due to high volume of traffic traveling at high rates of speed
    even though 537 curves and motorists should slow down, but some
    don't. Also, 537 should be widened to have turn lanes, for those
    turning onto Laird Rd. This project would increase safety for
  • 122 Dutch Lane Rd Marlboro, NJ 07746, USA - Monmouth County
    This intersection I notice is quite dangerous,
    at School Rd and Dutch Lane Rd. Those on School Rd,
    whether they are turning onto Dutch Lane, or proceeding
    straight on School, it is dangerous and unsafe, just with stop
    signs. Some even run this stop sign. School Rd is basically a cut through street, with medium traffic volumes. A traffic light at this corner would
    improve safety and they should remove the stupid flashing beacon,
    currently at this intersection.
  • County Road 537 Colts Neck, NJ 07722, USA - Monmouth County
    At the intersection of School Rd and Route 537, I notice cars
    having a difficult time making a left onto this busy four lane
    fast paced road (537), and a traffic signal would really boost
    safety at this intersection.
  • 879-963 Patterson Rd Jackson, NJ 08527, USA - Jackson
    this portion of Patterson Road is all dirt, there are potholes everywhere along the road you can avoid them.
  • Everyone It Snowed Nj - US Congressional District NJ4
    People who don't shovel out their cars who steal your spots and those who block up the streets so the plows can't get by.
  • Route 37 East Toms River, NJ - Middletown
    HUGE pothole right outside drive-thru window. Awful.
  • 731 State Highway 35 Ocean Township, NJ 07712, USA - US Congressional District NJ6
  • 133 Norwood Ave Deal, NJ 07723, USA - Deal
    This area is known for speeders. Route 71 is 35 mph
    and it is a speed trap. Some travel 50 mph and more.
    They should have signs posted along with the speed limit signs
    that read "Speed Limit Strictly Enforced" or something like that
    to remind motorists to slow down. This should occur in several
    areas within the state.
  • 342 Broad St Eatontown, NJ 07724, USA - Eatontown
    Install a new traffic signal, at Rt 547 and Rt 71, and time it with
    the light at Elton Place. 547 needs a traffic light, pronto.
  • Oceanic Bridge Middletown, NJ, USA - Middletown
    Lift the restrictions on the bridge. The report stated it was much stonger than they thought. Now work has been delayed to the fall. It is a major inconvenience to any contractor than needs to cross.