Monmouth County & Ocean County

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Monmouth County and Ocean County, New Jersey

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  • 31 Nature Blvd Jackson, NJ - Jackson
    A recent cost-effective skim coat used to give the streets the appearance that they have been resurfaced is cracking and peeling. Watch out for potholes, flying chunks of peeling asphalt in this development.
  • 57 Newport St Barnegat Township, New Jersey - Ocean County

    Street light has been out since the beginning of June 2015. I have called Atlantic City Electric three times my neighbor has called Atlanta city electric three times we have gotten no results. How long does it take to change a lightbulb.

    The location of this light poll is between 57 Newport St. and 55 Newport St. The light pole number is 84239 and 43945. It is very dark in our area my neighbor has a problem seeing and there has been numerous robberies in the area.

    Please come to change the lightbulb in the electrical pole outside my house as soon as possible I have already waited two months.

    Thank you

  • Broadway Barnegat Light, New Jersey - Barnegat Light
    The intersection of Central Ave and Broadway really should be redone so that the main boulevard/Central Ave and Broadway curve into each other as one continuous 4 lane boulevard. The old Central Ave could then turned into a regular 2 lane road (25 mph speed limit) and where the right lane ends near Broadway could be used for the old road to curve and t out into the reconfigured boulevard.
  • 18-22 Starlight Rd Howell, NJ 07731, USA - Monmouth County
    the street is totally falling apart, the streets of manhattan are in better shape. kudos to howell township public works - hey i got a great idea lets raise taxes and build more soccer fields.
  • Numerous potholes at the intersection of Newman Springs Road& Half mile road
  • County Route 528 Jackson, NJ - Jackson
    This road needs to be paved. Riding my bike through here and there's about 1,000 potholes. Somebodies gonna kill emself here.
  • 307-313 Princeton Dr Howell, NJ 07731, USA - Monmouth County
  • E Bay Ave Ship Bottom, NJ - Ship Bottom
    Bridge Construction..3-6pm daily nothing but traffic , causeway bridge into Ship Bottom
  • Rte 70 East Ramp Off Of Rte. 9 Lakewood, NJ - Lakewood
    The ramp onto Rte 70 off of Rte. 9 is a minefield of potholes.
  • 231 0th Ave.Brick nj 08724 - Brick
    from the river to herbertsville rd. has become dangerous.drivers trying to take a shortcut to 549 are gonna kill a kid before anything gets done to slow traffic.the road is unfinished with manholes sticking up 4 inches and patches from brick twp. digging up the road for years has become a hazard for our children
  • 983 Wabash Ave Brick, NJ 08723, USA - Brick
  • Larchmont & Lanes Mill Road Brick, NJ 08724, USA - US Congressional District NJ4

    a. This road hosts a 40 mph speed limit but traffic consistently exceeds it by 20 mph or greater; even though there is a sharp curve and visibility is limited. Requested increased police presence and / or "your speed is" sign.
    b. Traffic routinely runs a double traffic light when red.
    c. Sidewalks are needed. Pedestrian traffic regularly walks the narrow shoulder to get to the nearby shopping. Traffic passing in close proximity at high speeds is a recipe for trouble. There is a partial sidewalk by the condos. But, when the road was redirected, sidewalks or a shoulder were omitted and need to be added!

    The Mayor has already been advised of these issues but without action.