Monmouth County & Ocean County

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Monmouth County and Ocean County, New Jersey

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  • Gordons Corner & Tennent Road - US Congressional District NJ6

    The bridge crossing Rte 9 in Manalapan at the intersection of Gordon's Corner and Tennent Road is a mass of potholes.

    20100311 - Potholes are improved, but still present.
    20100326 - The potholes are now primarily at the intersection of Gordon's Corner Road (going north) intersecting with Tennent Road . It is a hazardous mess.
    04/25/2010 - In about two weeks, this bridge is supposedly going to be replaced!! Once this begins, I'll close this issue. (Of course, the bridge will be closed to a year or so, guess that's what I get for complaining.)

  • West Whitty Road - Toms River
    West Whitty Rd in Toms River,NJ (off of Rt9 & ends at Old Freehold Rd) is absolutely disgusting with potholes every few inches..the strut on my vehicle is broken due to a large pothole hidden under the snow...on this street is the YMCA, Jehovah's Witness Bldg & the Parkway authority Bldgs...doesn"t any of these businesses notice or report it
  • Hooper Ave & Rt. 37 Toms River, NJ 08753, USA - Toms River
    In the middle West Bound lane in the intersection of Hooper & Rt37 there is a manhole that is embedded entirely too deep in the road.
  • New Jersey 35 & State Route 66 - US Congressional District NJ6
    Can someone please cut the grass around the Asbury Circle? It is so hard to see if cars are coming and someone is going to get into an accident.
  • 1385 Whitty Rd Toms River, NJ 08753, USA - Toms River
    Go VERY slow across Whitty here. Deep holes!
  • Rt 35 Cliffwood Ave - US Congressional District NJ6
    The area on rt 35 by flexi-lease always floods with bad rain. It is so bad the Old Bridge MUA sit there on standby watching it flood before the block it off.
  • 800-910 Egret Dr Toms River, NJ 08753, USA - Toms River
    everyone speeds down egret's a death trap and must be fixed there are many children on this block for god's sake!!
  • Hooper Avenue And Brick Boulevard - Brick
    Cars are stopping short and are going to cause a serious accident, to avoid a $85 ticket from the red light camera. Post more signs and increase the yellow light time to allow cars in the intersection to clear it more effectively and safely.
  • 1392-1398 New Jersey 33 Neptune, NJ 07753, USA - Monmouth County
    There are 3-4 very dangerous potholes located right here. This is the intersection of Route 33 and Route 34, very near the Apollo Diner.
  • State Rte 33 NJ - Monmouth County
    This has been a problem for years. Its right at the route 34 / route 33 overpass. The enormous potholes are on the sharp turn to get onto 33 from route 34. The vehicle in front of me during our last snowstorm hit one of these potholes and spun around twice before striking the curb and breaking his axle. Very dangerous area to have such a bad roadway. I continue to see the county filling these, but two days later its back to where it was. It's obvious they are aware of the problem, it is just never fixed the proper way. Why waste time filling them when in two days they are back to where they were. MILL IT and PAVE IT!!!! The photo is just a small section.
  • Rt 79 And Ryan Rd - Monmouth County

    Coming out of Inverness Dr onto Rt 79 is like playing russian roulette.

    The ongoing traffic from Ryan Rd never stops! We need the lights changed so that it goes green for Ryan Rd, and then turns Red completely.

  • 298 W 2nd St NJ 07731 - Monmouth County
    there are majore pot holes and dipps in this road. so bad causing car problems and flat tires. they are all down the street no way to avoid please repave whole street