Monmouth County & Ocean County

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Monmouth County and Ocean County, New Jersey

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  • whole road Archived
    Clark Street - Keyport
    patches , flooding & uneven road
  • 298 W 2nd St NJ 07731 - Monmouth County
    there are majore pot holes and dipps in this road. so bad causing car problems and flat tires. they are all down the street no way to avoid please repave whole street
  • Tennent Road And Route 520 morganville, nj USA - Morganville
    turning lane not marked, nor is there a turning light, cars in both lanes proceed straight across rt 520, almost causing an accident every time I am in this area. I can't believe nothing has been done about this intersectiom
  • Holland Rd Middletown Township, NJ 07733, USA - Holmdel
    The southbound side of Holland Road (between AT&T and Red Hill Road) is in terrible shape. The potholes and broken pavement cover the entire southbound side of the road. Cars ar foced to travel over the line to avoid damage and they are not visible to the norhbound side due to the curvature of the road.. This is a terrible accident just waiting to happen.
  • 653 Mizzen Ave Beachwood, NJ 08722, USA - Beachwood
    You can hardly drive in either direction if another car is coming the opposite way. Its ridiculous. And when it rains, forget it, you are wading thru inches of water, just to go down the street.
  • Ramp From Wemrock Rd To Rt 33 W Freehold, NJ 07728, USA - West Freehold
    The ramp and that portion of Rt 33 West has needed serious repair for over a YEAR. The road is so damaged with potholes that it can destroy your tires and wheel alignment. It happened to me.
  • Middletown NJ, USA - Middletown
    Locust, Monmouth, Valley Roads meet in a DEADLY intersection..many accidents. I live near there and there needs to be a rerouting of roads or a traffic light. People do not know who has the right of way plus alot of people SPEED ....its just deadly!!!
  • Bethany Rd & Cresci Blvd - Monmouth County
    The intersection of Bethany Rd and Cresci Blvd is a nightmare and should be controlled by a light. To the right is a blind corner that people speed around and to the left is the parkway overpass that people speed over. It is near impossible to exit the Raritan Valley development during rush hour.
  • 1409 Nw Central Ave Seaside Park, NJ 08752, USA - Seaside Park
  • Aldrich Road And Glen Arden Drive And Friendship Road And Brandywine Drive Howell - Jackson
    water and Ice build up at all entrances into Glen Arden development. Sand causes slides and especially dangerous for motorcycles
  • Route 66 & 35 Neptune, NJ - US Congressional District NJ6
    The potholes here are dangerous! You can't always avoid them when there is a lot of traffic. Thanks Neptune, now I have a $450 repair bill.
  • Thompson Ave Leonardo, NJ 07737, USA - Leonardo
    Thompson Ave Between Center and Hamilton Aves